Firefighter: City of Merced California Deadline November 13, 2015

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Deadline: November 13, 2015

Salary: $51,492.00 – $62,580.00 Annually

Job Description:






Any incomplete application or application not meeting qualifications will be disqualified from further participation in the examination process.

City of Merced offers incentive pay for Fire Fighter II certification at $75 monthly and Fire Officer certification at $150 monthly as well as Education pay of $75.00 month for AA/AS and $150 monthly for BA/BS.  Employees are eligible for the incentives following successful completion of their probationary period.


Under general supervision, assists in suppression of fires, rescue and life savings operations; responds to emergency medical calls and renders basic life support care in accordance with Merced County EMS protocols; handles fire streams and other fire service equipment in suppression of fires; performs daily maintenance of stations, quarters, apparatus, and equipment; makes required equipment checks; performs required fire prevention inspections; assists in putting apparatus and equipment back in readiness for other emergencies; prepares necessary reports and maintains necessary records; attends scheduled training drills; performs other duties as assigned.


Incumbents learn firefighting and emergency response techniques and procedures while performing fire service functions. Incumbents are expected to increase their range of knowledge and abilities, and develop their skills while in this classification.

In order for an incumbent firefighter to be eligible for the fifth step in the pay range he/she must complete the Acting Engineer Position Taskbook and be designated as an acting engineer.


Fire Captain


This is not a supervisory classification

Examples of Duties:

(The following is used as a partial description and is not restrictive as to duties required.)

Responds to fire and other emergency service alarms; performs firefighting and emergency response functions, as directed by  an officer; fights fire, using proper fire suppression techniques; controls and extinguishes fires; lays and connects hose; directs water and chemical agents onto fires; controls, and contains hazardous materials spills and leaks; enters and ventilates burning buildings; uses hand and power tools; raises, positions, and climbs ladders used in fire suppression and rescue activities; administers emergency medical care to trapped and/or injured persons; places salvage covers, removes water and debris, and performs a variety of salvage operations; participates in fire drills and training sessions on a variety of emergency services and fire suppression topics; conducts fire prevention inspections;  cleans station living quarters, maintaining them in a clean and orderly condition;  studies and reviews Fire Department rules, regulations, and operating procedures; maintains, cleans,  and ensures the proper condition of fire and emergency response equipment; serves as an acting Fire Engineer, when assigned..

Typical Qualifications:


Sit for extended periods; frequently stand and walk; climb stairs and ladders quickly and exercising above average physical agility; walk on sloped, uneven, and slippery surfaces; stoop, bend over, and kneel frequently; crawl through a variety of areas on hands and knees; sufficient manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination to work with special equipment during emergency situations; lift and move objects weighing up to 100 lbs., without assistance and heavier objects; with assistance; endurance to sustain extra physical effort for a substantial period of time; ability to perform emergency service duties while wearing special breathing apparatus; maintain corrected hearing and vision to normal range; verbal communication; use of office equipment, including computer, telephone, calculator, copiers, and FAX.


Work is normally performed in a fire station environment and at scenes of fires and emergency incidents; frequent driving to different locations throughout the City; work may be performed in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions; work may be performed with unusual exposure to high temperatures and heat; work may be performed with exposure to constant moisture; work may be performed with unusual exposure to hazardous materials and chemicals; above average exposure to life threatening situations; regular contact with other staff and the public.


Knowledge of:

•   Fire department organization;

•   General maintenance procedures pertaining to equipment, equipment location, buildings and grounds;

•   General fire ground operations including, but not limited to, use of hoses, nozzle fittings, extinguishers, generators, proportioners, lifting and hoisting equipment, forcible entry tools, ladders, rescue tools and equipment and fire detection equipment;

•   Basic mathematics;

•   Principles of fire behavior;

•   Principles of fire control and fire ground operations;

•   Principles of salvage operations;

•   Principles of emergency medical care;

•   Medical equipment operation and basic preventive maintenance;

•   Emergency vehicle operations;

•   Basic principles of fire and arson investigations;

•   The purpose of, and procedures associated with, the department fire inspection program;

•   Fire communications system.

Ability to:

•   Operate a variety of apparatus and equipment;

•   Work professionally and effectively with co-workers and the public; Effectively communicate clearly and concisely with individuals or groups utilizing a broad base of verbal skills;

•   Assess a situation, draw valid conclusions, and take appropriate action;

•   Perform complex tasks during life threatening emergencies;

•   Operate medical equipment and perform basic life support healthcare;

•   Use manual and power tools in performance of duties;

•   Engage in strenuous physical activities requiring agility, strength, endurance and dexterity;

•   Prepare reports using prescribed format and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction and style;

•   Conduct oneself on and off duty in a manner which is consistent with contemporary community standards and which does not diminish community respect for or trust in the department.

•   Understand and act in accordance with Department policy, rules, and regulations.

•   Read, understand, and apply fire prevention ordinances and hazardous material related information.

•   Learn to drive fire and emergency service equipment safely and skillfully, in accordance with relevant traffic rules and regulations.

•   Work for considerable periods of time under adverse conditions.


Any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the required skills, knowledge, and abilities may be considered qualifying at the sole discretion of the City.  The following minimum qualifications must be met at the time of application:

Education: High School Diploma or equivalent; successful completion of a California Firefighter I academy or equivalent; and valid certification with the National Registry as a Emergency Medical Technician I.

Experience:  No minimum firefighting or medical experience is required, but is desired..

Special Requirements:

New job candidates must meet stringent medical and physical standards.

Possession of a valid Class C California Driver’s License issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

California Firefighter II certification must be obtained within eighteen (18) months of initial appointment to this job classification.

Subject to being called back when off duty.

Supplemental Information:

Conditional offer of employment:

Upon conditional offer of employment, a pre-placement medical exam, including a drug screen, background, and psychological examination will be conducted.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE


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