Firefighter: Dearborn Michigan Deadline: February 11, 2016

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Deadline: February 11, 2016

Salary: $45,959.00 – $64,120.00 Annually

Job Description:


1  Completion of a two-year Associate’s Degree in Fire Science or an appropriate combination of related college course work and experience which results in the ability to perform essential functions.

2  Must be a licensed Paramedic in the State of Michigan or scheduled to take the exam by March 1, 2016.

3  State of Michigan Firefighter I and II certifications required.

4  Valid CPAT physical by March 5, 2016 is required.

5  Valid Michigan driver license, with a good driving record.

6  U. S. Citizen

7  Graduation from an accredited high school or G.E.D. equivalent.

8  Dearborn residency not required, but employees hired on or after July 1, 2007 shall establish residency within 20 miles of the nearest City of Dearborn boundary prior to completion of 12 month probation.

9  Written Firefighter and EMS knowledge examination will be given on February 29, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. at the Dearborn Police Training Room.  Attendance is required.

All entry-level criteria must be met, and copies of certifications and transcripts must be attached to online application.


1  Must pass a psychological evaluation, pre-employment physical, drug screen, criminal history check and background investigation.


1  All persons appointed to the position of Firefighter I must serve a 12-month probationary period. This working test period is considered a part of the examination process.


This is firefighting and emergency rescue work.  Responsibilities include the protection of life and property by combating, extinguishing and preventing fires and by providing emergency assistance as a state certified Paramedic.  Firefighting duties may be performed under emergency conditions involving personal hazard.  Specific orders and directions are given by superior officers but the work requires a thorough understanding of firefighting methods which is gained by training and experience.  Work is performed in accordance with well established procedures and under general supervision.

Employee interacts in a consistently pleasant and helpful manner to fellow employees, visitors, and citizens of the City of Dearborn and demonstrates the highest standards of internal and external customer service.


Essential Job Functions (Functions essential to attaining job objectives):

1  Performs and administers first aid and emergency treatment in the performance of firefighter related duties.

2  Performs manual lifting and carrying using backboards, K.E.D. and “stokes litter” in the evacuation of victims.

3  Operates and connects hose lines to standpipes, sprinkler systems, hydrants, and auxiliary appliances in the performance of the work.

4  Carries, raises, climbs and lowers straight, roof, attic, footing and extension ladders in the performance of related duties.

5  Performs forcible entry and extrication through the use of digging, striking, battering, prying and cutting tools.

6  Prepares and maintains various types of hose, nozzles, valves and fittings; rolls, folds, carries, reels, unreels and stows such fire apparatus.

7  Operates, maintains and inspects self-contained breathing apparatus, ice/water rescue equipment and hazardous material detection devices.

8  Determines horizontal and vertical range, safe working pressures as related to nozzle size, angle of penetration, and the maximum height a nozzle can be set for safe operation.

9  Determines the effect of water on fires involving chemicals, steel, concrete, brick and heavy timber related to fire suppression.

10 Performs firefighter work in a variety of weather and environmental conditions, including rain, snow, ice, extreme cold and heat, dust, dirt, smoke and chemicals.

11 Identfies the fundamentals of pressure, vacuum, flow, head, suction, displacement, friction loss, back pressure, hydrant pressure, engine pressure, capacity, and nozzle pressure.

12 Attends in service training sessions in firefighting methods, equipment operation, first aid and emergency treatment, street locations, hydrant locations and other related matters.

13 Operates power take-off, aerial ladders and elevated platforms in the performance of the work.

14 Identifies mechanical defects, loose parts, unusual noises and the effects of abrasive material on related equipment.

15 Operates and maintains pressure and pump type extinguishers in the performance of the work.

16 Identifies the fundamentals of Type I, II, III, IV and V construction; purposes of smoke towers, monitors, fire escapes, roof ventilators, skylights, dumb waiters and elevators; their advantages and disadvantages to fire control.

17 Studies modern methods of fire prevention and protection reviewing media such as magazines, books, news- letters and records of fires and their causes.

18 Monitors and determines flow when friction loss is known.

19 Identifies the fundamentals of fuses, circuit breakers, lighting arresters, grounding devices, and related electrical components.

20 Transmits and receives still, special, greater and telephone alarms.

21 Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.

Marginal Job Functions (Peripheral or incidental to primary job functions):

1  Performs housekeeping and grounds maintenance duties at a fire station such as making beds, cooking, cleaning windows, floors, walls and woodwork, and mowing lawns.

2  Prepares manuscripts, reports, specifications, requisitions, and department forms, per department rules and regulations.

3  Participates in special details and/or assemblies in the promotion of positive public relations.

4  Performs related work as required.


1  Considerable knowledge of first aid and emergency treatment methods.

2  Some knowledge of modern firefighting methods.

3  Ability to read and comprehend job related materials such as manuals, codes, directives, general orders, textbooks and professional literature.

4  Ability to understand and apply mechanical principles to the operation of all equipment and firefighting methods and procedures.

5  Ability to recognize and diagnose mechanical problems and to take effective corrective action to remedy such problems.

6  Ability to communicate with others in a clear, concise, calm manner, supplying correct information in a manner in which the receiver understands it.

7  Ability to work effectively with others as a member of a team; to accept supervision in a positive manner; to display tact and concern for the feelings of others: and to be fair in dealing with all coworkers as well as the public.

8  Ability to evaluate a situation and decide what action should be taken in given circumstances.  Included is the ability to identify the source of a problem, evaluate its seriousness, solve problems quickly in emotionally charged situations and decide which action or method is best to use, given available options.

9  Ability to perform tasks which require strength, stamina, speed, coordination, balance, dexterity and, in general, a high level of physical fitness.

10 Ability to apply basic mathematical skills, to understand formulas, equations, mathematical principles, and other quantitative or numerical subject matter.

11 Ability to interpret and apply technical subject matter such as:  tables, graphs, data, nomographs, technical specifications and charts.

12 Ability to perform light to heavy lifting, carrying, loading and unloading of victims and equipment averaging 150 pounds.


Completion of a two-year Associate’s Degree in Fire Science or an appropriate combination of related college course work and experience which results in the ability to perform essential functions.  Graduation from an accredited high school or G.E.D. equivalent.  State of Michigan Firefighter I and II certification required.


Must possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license issued by the State of Michigan and have a satisfactory driving record.  Must have completed Paramedic training and have a State Paramedic license as required by the State of Michigan to perform this type of work.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE


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