Firefighter: Detroit Michigan Deadline: October 13, 2016

detroit fire department, mi, michigan


Deadline: September 6, 2016

Salary: $64,671.60 – $78,608.88 Annually

Job Description:


Under immediate supervision, responds to emergency incidents with an assigned Company and extinguishes fires or mitigates the incident.  Cleans and cares for apparatus, equipment and quarters.

Examples of Duties


  1. Responds to emergency incidents with an assigned Company.
  2. Connects, carries and operates hose lines and nozzles.
  3. Positions and climbs ladders to gain access to upper levels of buildings, or to rescue individuals from burning structures.
  4. Turns water on or off.
  5. Utilizes a variety of extinguishers and forcible entry tools, including, but not limited to axes, bars, hooks and life lines.
  6. Rescues people and salvages property.
  7. Operates a variety of fire department apparatus and vehicles.
  8. Assists emergency medical personnel in administering CPR and extrications; and handles chemical hazmat, weapons of mass destruction and Homeland Security events.
  9. Participates in public education programs and community relations activities to educate public on how to protect life and property.
  10. Participates in departmental training and drills regarding the operation of departmental equipment.
  11. Lubricates, cleans and polishes fire apparatus and replaces equipment.
  12. Maintains Company facility/quarters including, but not limited to, cleaning quarters, washing windows, and scrubbing floors.
  13. Monitors fire alarm instruments.
  14. Verifies and records alarms received from Computer-Aided Dispatch System, department two-way radio and telephone.
  15. Maintains Company records and prepares reports.

Minimum Qualifications:

High school graduation or GED

Candidates must provide proof of a valid Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) at the time of interview and hire.

Employees in this class will be required to operate a motor vehicle.  Valid State of Michigan Operator License required.

Employees in this class will be required to meet and maintain State of Michigan Firefighters’
Training Council eligibility standards.

A valid State of Michigan Emergency Medical Service License is preferred.

Candidates considered for placement in this classification may be subject to a Criminal Background Investigation based on the requirements of the position.

Must possess sufficient physical agility, mental alertness and strength to perform the duties and work assignments associated with this classification.  Employees in this class can expect to be engaged in strenuous physical activities, over long periods of time, in unpleasant working conditions including wetness, cold and extreme heat and confined spaces while performing hazardous work.

Supplemental Information

Evaluation Process: 

1) Written Exam:   Max 50%         Min 32.5%

2) Training Experience & Personal Qualifications:
Max 50% Min 32.5%

3) Military Service: 1% Min. to 15% Max

4) Domicile Credit: 15%

5) Interview: Pass/Fail

A passing score on the Written Exam is required in order to be  interviewed. The following documentation “MUST” be submitted in order to be scheduled for an interview:

1) Proof of valid Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT); proof must be provided at the time of certification for hiring consideration as well.  A CPAT score is valid for 1 year.

For the most up-to-date CPAT information, schedules and registration, please direct inquiries to: (click on “Firefighter Testing”) or call (734) 462-4806 during business hours.  Candidates should be aware that due to volume, they should BOOK EARLY.

2) Education – Copy of High School Diploma or G.E.D.

3) Valid State of MI Operator License

4) Proof of Work History “(IF APPLICABLE)” – A letter of reference on company letterhead, stating your job title(s), duties, length of employment and work history.  OR  If employers are unwilling to provide such letters, you may submit copies of paycheck stubs or W-2 forms for employment periods claimed or official performance evaluations.

5) A valid State of MI Emergency Medical Service License “(IF APPLICABLE)

6) Proof of Military Service “(IF APPLICABLE)” – Military Discharge papers/DD 214 including the Character of Discharge for each term of enlistment.

**Submission of proof of Domicile in the City of Detroit is “OPTIONAL” – “Domicile Credit for City of Detroit Applicants” – “Any individual whose domicile is in the City of Detroit twelve (12) months preceding the date of filing his or her application for employment and receives a passing score on the initial written competitive examination for entry into classified service shall have fifteen (15) points added to his or her final score in determining his or her eligibility for the position(s) sought”.

Proof of Domicile – to prove Domicile in the City of Detroit, an applicant must present proper identification in the form of a valid State of MI Operator License, or State of MI Identification Card, or a valid passport AND submit at least one of the following forms of documentation:

Copies of the front and signature pages of federal income tax return forms and/or W2 forms for the two years immediately preceding the date of application, or

Copies of City of Detroit property bills for the two years immediately preceding the date of application, or

Copies of utility bills/statements addressed to the applicant that reflect billing/assessment dates twelve (12) months preceding the date of application, or any other official documentation deemed sufficient by the Human Resources Department that would substantiate an applicant’s domicile as the City of Detroit twelve (12) months preceding the date of application.

***There is no guarantee of a position based on the highest score, although we recommend that you do your best.  After the examination process, the scores will be banded in determining those individuals qualified for the position.

The banding ranges will be as follows:

100 to 65 = Qualified (Q)

Below 65 = Not Qualified (NQ)

Selection will be made from all candidates within the band who are deemed qualified.  All other applicants will receive a letter from the department indicating that they are not being considered for the position.


1) You will be notified of each phase of the application process”by E-MAIL ONLY”. PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAIL DAILY FOR NOTIFICATIONS. Please be sure to check your “SPAM FOLDER” as well.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE


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