Firefighter & Firefighter/Paramedic: Costa Mesa California Deadline: June 15, 2018

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Firefighter & Firefighter/Paramedic

Deadline: June 15, 2018


Effective December 23, 2018 the compensation is as follows:
  • Firefighter:  $71,844 – $96,264
  • Firefighter/Paramedic:  $79,032 – $109,500

Job Description:

Firefighters perform skilled work in combating, extinguishing and preventing fires; perform rescue activities; and provide hazardous materials response. Essential functions include: responding to alarms of fire or other emergencies; utilizing various tools, equipment and methods to fight fires; responding to requests for emergency medical care and performing rescue activities; participating in fire drills and training classes in firefighting, fire prevention, hazardous materials response, rescue, emergency medical care, and equipment operations and maintenance; conducting fire prevention inspections; enforcing fire-related codes and ordinances; participating in public education programs; performing paramedic duties (for those in paramedic assignments); and performing related duties as required. Firefighters typically work 24-hour shifts (i.e. resulting in average workweeks of 56 hours).


  •   High school graduation or equivalent. Associates degree or higher is desirable.
  •   Candidates must meet one of the following requirements:
    1. 1)  Successful completion from a Fire Academy accredited by the California State Fire Marshal’s Office by June 15, 2018.OR
    2. 2)  Successful completion of a California local academy (320 hours or longer) or an out-of-state nationally recognized academy with at least one year of paid full-time firefighter experience at a single agency and current employment as a full-time firefighter.OR
    3. 3)  Possession of Firefighter I & Firefighter II Certifications with at least one year of paid full-time firefighter experience at a single agency and current employment as a full-time firefighter.

    Note: Qualifying experience must be with a military, federal, state or municipal Fire agency.

  •   Successful completion of the Biddle Physical Ability Examination or Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) within the last six months.
  •   Completion of the FireTEAM entry-level, firefighter examination will be required. All testing must be completed through National Testing Network (NTN) within the last six months.
  •   Valid CA Class “C” Driver’s License at the time of appointment with a CA Class “C” Driver’s License with “F” endorsement at the end of the probationary period.
  •   State of California certification as an Emergency Medical Technician or higher*
  •   Possession of a valid American Heart Association Basic Life Support forHealthcare Provider card*
  •   Current CA State Paramedic License is highly desirable*
  •   Weight: Proportional to height, age and frame
  •   Vision: 20/30 corrected (with soft contact lenses)
  •   Hearing: Normal audiometric hearing examNote: CandidateswhowillmeettheabovequalificationsafterJune15,2018, but before December 21, 2018 may participate in the next recruitment scheduled for Winter 2018 Recruitment.


 Candidates must be able to: climb ladders and stairs and work at considerable heights; lift, carry, drag, pull and push very heavy weights; perform work in physically demanding and adverse conditions, including heat, smoke, fire, high temperatures, humidity and cramped spaces; exposure to allergenic and potentially harmful substances and dust exist.


Interested applicants must submit an official City application along with a supplemental application on-line between Wednesday – Friday, June 13 – 15, 2018. Applicants are requested to provide thorough and specific information to ensure the correct evaluation of their qualifications. Applicants are required to submit proof of the required certificates with their on-line City application. Additionally, applicants must complete National Testing Network/FireTeam Testing by the closing application deadline.

Application information, testing dates and instructions are available for viewing on the City’s website at under “Employment Opportunities”. Please make sure to read the Application and Test Information sheet before submitting an application. All applicants will be notified of their status by e-mail only (regardless of the preference selected on the application).

Based upon an evaluation of the application materials, only the most qualified candidates may be referred to continue in the selection process. Candidates must pass the following components to be placed on a formal eligibility list: Written Examination (Referral/Non-Referral), Paramedic Assessment for Paramedic candidates (Referral/ Non-Referral) and Interview Evaluation (weighted at 100% of final test score).

Prior to appointment, candidates must pass all the components of the pre-employment process which may include, but is not limited to: comprehensive background investigation (including criminal history check), polygraph examination and post offer psychological and medical examinations.

The City of Costa Mesa is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply. Please call our Fire Testing Hotline at (714) 754-4966 for updated testing information.

Please notify Human Resources 72 hours in advance of the test date if you have a disability that requires accommodation for the testing process.



Effective December 23, 2018 – $5,987 – $8,022 per month, depending on qualifications. Salary range for Firefighter in a Paramedic assignment is $6,586 – $9,125 per month, depending on qualifications. As a condition of employment, all new employees are required to participate in the direct deposit program.


Retirement – Employees contribute 14% of their salary on a pre-tax basis towards the 2@50 CalPERS retirement formula. An employee who has never been a member of CalPERS or who have had a break in service of 6 months or more from a CalPERS/reciprocal agency will contribute 14% on a pre-tax basis towards the 2.7%@57 CalPERS retirement formula in accordance with new PEPRA legislation. The City does not participate in the Social Security system; however, federal mandate requires new employees to contribute 1.45% of wages to Medicare.

Health Insurance – $2,119 per month flexible benefit contribution towards payment of medical, dental and long-term disability (LTD) insurance within a flexible benefits plan. Dependent care and medical reimbursement programs are also available. Up to $1,060 is available as cash for employees who can provide proof of minimal essential coverage.

Life Insurance – The City provides a $50,000 term life insurance policy. Supplemental life is available at the employee’s option.

AD & D Insurance – The City provides a $50,000 accidental death & dismemberment insurance policy.

Holidays – 134.4 hours per year.

Vacation – Initially, 128.8 hours per year. This amount increases to a maximum of 296.8 hours per year after twenty years of service based on a 56 hour work schedule.

Sick Leave – 174.72 hours per year based on a 56 hour work schedule.

Certification Pay – Effective December 23, 2018, the City provides monthly awards up to $802 per month for educational degrees or successful completion of specific State Fire Marshal accredited courses depending upon eligibility.

Bilingual Pay – The City compensates 2.5% or 5% of top step Fire Engineer base salary after qualifying upon management approval.

Deferred Compensation – Voluntary contributions up to $18,500 per year.

Tuition Reimbursement – A tuition reimbursement program is available after completion of a 12 month probation period.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

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