Firefighter: Frederick County Maryland Deadline: September 21, 2018

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Deadline: September 21, 2018

Salary: $18.68 Per Hour

Job Description:

Job Information

Non-exempt; full-time (40 hours per week during Academy; 48 hours per week when assigned to duty); varying days and hours as scheduled; full benefits

This is a sworn entry-level position in Frederick County’s professional fire and rescue service.  When assigned to duty, this skilled position provides a full range of fire/rescue services including firefighting, rescue and emergency medical services (EMS), as well as routine non-emergency assignments.  Supervision and direction are received from the fire/rescue station supervisor and/or through the chain of command, however Firefighters must frequently exercise independent judgment and discretion. Work station and duty assignment will be determined by the County.  Shifts may be scheduled for 24 hours on-duty/48 hours off-duty (7-day schedule), 12 hours per day (4 days per week), or other shift rotations as determined by the County.

Essential Duties and Job Responsibilities

Usual duties will include response in emergency vehicles to render aid to sick and injured persons and provide EMS patient care at a wide variety of emergency incidents.  In addition to EMS duties, Firefighters will respond to and extinguish fires and effect rescues; drive and operate emergency vehicles and equipment; maintain equipment and emergency vehicle readiness by performing regular maintenance and tests; write comprehensive fire, rescue and medical reports regarding incidents; perform routine maintenance of the fire and rescue station; assist with routine administrative tasks; maintain knowledge of current roads, water supplies and building pre-plans; conduct routine fire safety inspections; maintain knowledge of current Maryland Protocols; and perform other related duties as required.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • High school graduation or the equivalent
  • Date of birth prior to March 24, 1999 to meet age requirement of academy start/end dates
  • Possession of a valid automobile operator’s license


  • Ability to obtain and maintain a Frederick County Employee Driving Permit
  • Ability to successfully complete the Firefighter Recruit Academy (required prior to station assignment)
  • Ability to maintain minimum EMS certification or licensure as determined by the employee’s post-academy station assignment
  • Ability to successfully complete periodic physical fitness training and job-related re-certifications
  • Ability to apply training to respond quickly, calmly and effectively in emergency situations, demonstrating good judgment and independent action
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, volunteer fire/rescue personnel and the general public
  • Ability to maintain professional attitude, appearance and manner of performance
  • Strong and effective spoken and written (English) communication skills, including the ability to understand and effectively carry out written and spoken orders and standard operating procedures


  • College degree
  • Current National Registry Paramedic certification at time of application and conditional job offer
  • Minimum 2 years of current active operational firefighter experience within a Career or Volunteer organization
  • Military service experience


  • While working in this position the employee is required to sit, stand, walk, reach and perform repetitive motions, climb, stoop/kneel/crouch, crawl; lift a minimum of 100 pounds and drive, push and pull over 40 pounds, with the ability to effectively listen and hear surrounding noises and acceptable vision to maintain the safety of yourself and others per the DFRS physical standards
  • While working in this position the employee is working indoors and outdoors, walking on uneven terrain, working in hot temperatures (above 100 degrees) and cold temperatures (below 32 degrees), in a dirty and dusty environment, at heights, in a noisy environment, near machinery, chemicals and fumes; with potential exposure to infectious diseases and are required to wear protective equipment; work in confined spaces and limited visibility and below ground level
  • Physical requirements necessitate that long hair and facial hair is maintained to properly wear SCBA full- and half-piece air purifying respirators and other job-specific safety equipment and pass SCBA fit test throughout employment
  • Physical requirements include the ability to successfully complete an annual physical examination in accordance with DFRS standards

Additional Information/Examination Process

  • Ability to successfully complete the post-academy in-station probationary period
  • Available for all shifts as assigned and on-call as needed
  • Satisfactory background investigation
  • Abstinence from all tobacco use


  • Ability to successfully complete the post-academy in-station probationary period
  • The probationary period for this position is 18 months
  • Available for all shifts as assigned and on-call as needed
  • A Background Information Disclosure Agreement is required, a satisfactory background investigation conducted prior to date of employment
  • Abstinence from all tobacco use prior to employment offer and while employed by DFRS. An Advance Notice Agreement/Tobacco Free Condition of Employment is required.
  • Secondary employment will not be approved for DFRS personnel before successful completion of the probationary period
  • A Training Reimbursement Agreement/Promissory Note is required; applies if employee terminates employment within 36 months from hire and accepts other Fire/EMS related work within 1 year from termination date
  • A Conditions of Employment Agreement is required at time of employment
  • This position is subject to random drug and tobacco testing
  • Specified certifications, licenses and physical abilities stated above must be maintained throughout term of employment
  • Firefighter-Recruits who successfully complete the Firefighter-Recruit Academy are eligible for upgrade to Firefighter I at higher pay grade
EXAMINATION PROCESS (may include): (candidate must successfully complete each step to proceed to the next)
1) An evaluation of application information
2) An entry-level written examination
3) Fitness for duty CPAT (IAFF/IAFC) to be administered by DFRS or certificate from an accredited agency between the dates of June 9, 2018 and December 9, 2018
4) One or more interviews
5) A pre-employment psychological examination
6) A pre-employment physical examination and drug test (NFPA standards) with determination of tobacco, tobacco products, e-cigarette and vaporizer device use (disqualifier)

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.


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