Firefighter: Little Rock Arkansas Deadline: May 30, 2016

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Deadline: May 30, 2016

Salary: $38,534.00 – $42,831.00 Annually

Job Description:

To protect the lives and property of citizens of Little Rock by responding to calls for firefighting or emergency rescue assistance.

 Essential Job Functions:

Responds to fire and emergency rescue alarms by riding the assigned emergency vehicle to the scene. Connects hose to hydrant and nozzle; straightens hose as required and directs stream of water as instructed. Operates and climbs ladders to reach the roof or upper stories of buildings. Operates power saw to cut ventilation holes in the roof of burning buildings. Removes flammable and/or hazardous materials from the fire’s scene. Moves or assists in moving persons from the fire or accident scene; administers first aid, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), to injured individuals. Enters burning structures as required to extinguish the fire and to remove occupants or hazardous materials. Rolls hose and loads hose and other firefighting equipment on to truck after fire is extinguished. Cleans and performs preventative maintenance on hose, tools and equipment after each alarm; refuels power equipment and recharges any fire extinguishers used. Reviews conditions of air packs, pumps and tools daily; recharges, repairs, or replaces equipment as required. Positions equipment and uniforms in the proper location for use. Performs various housekeeping duties at assigned fire station; cuts grass around fire station. Washes, waxes and refuels fire equipment vehicles. Inspects buildings as assigned to locate potential firefighting hazards and to obtain other related information. Attends various classes to obtain information regarding firefighting methods, standards, first aid and related subjects. Prepares incident reports for each alarm; operates computer terminal to enter incident reports and related information. Serves as tour guide to groups touring a fire station or makes presentations to school or civic groups as assigned. Serves as backup to the Fire Apparatus Engineer/Driver by operating fire apparatus as assigned.

 Minimum Qualifications and Additional Requirements:


In accordance with State of Arkansas Civil Service statutes, Little Rock Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations and City of Little Rock Policies and Procedures, applicants for entry-level Firefighter positions must meet the following criteria (list is not all inclusive):

1 A.  Must be twenty-one (21) years of age to be hired as a Firefighter.  No person shall be hired as a Firefighter who has not arrived at the age of 21.

2 B.  Must be at least 20 and 1/2 years of age but less than 35 years of age by the date of the written examination.   Any applicant who arrives at the age of 35 during the selection process shall be immediately disqualified and will not be eligible to receive an offer of employment. 

3  C.  Any person who has at least two (2) years of previous experience as a Paid Firefighter with another fire department and whose years of experience as a paid firefighter when subtracted from the person’s age leaves a remainder of not more than thirty-two (32) years shall be eligible.

4  Must have graduated from a standard high school or have a high school equivalency certificate, i.e., General Education Diploma (G.E.D.).

5  Must not have any felony convictions. 

6  Must have acceptable vision (uncorrected visual acuity must not exceed 20/50 in either eye, correctable to 20/20 in the stronger eye and 20/30 in the weaker eye).

7  Must be a United States citizen at the time of hire.

8  Must be of good moral character.   

9  Must obtain or hold a valid Arkansas Class D Driver’s License by date of hire.

10 Must pass all selection criteria as dictated by Civil Service Commission regulations and statutes, including successful completion of medical and drug/alcohol screening and tests.

 Application Requirements:

1  ONLY on-line applications accepted.

2  Application and supplemental questions required by closing date.


If you have a disability and require reasonable accommodation in the application and / or testing process, you must notify the City of LR Employment Services BEFORE the date of the written examination. The request may be made in person or by telephone (501) 371-4590, TDD (501) 371-4405, or via email to


STEP #1 – APPLICATION AND ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Applicants are required to complete an application and all supplemental questions on-line at Human Resources will review submitted applications making sure that candidates meet the required eligibility requirements. Applicants who have successfully completed the on-line application, supplemental questions, and eligibility requirement check will be considered eligible to move on in the hiring process. Those candidates selected will receive electronic notification and instructions on how to self-schedule for the written exam.

STEP #2 – WRITTEN EXAMINATION and PHYSICAL ABILITY TEST: Only individuals who have applied (Step 1) AND scheduled themselves on-line for a test date (Step 2) will be allowed to test. Eligible applicants completing all electronic application documents (including supplemental questions) and passing the eligibility requirement check will be sent notification via email or hard copy to self-schedule for the job-related written examination which is a Nationally Published Written Examination.  These exams are administered by representatives of the Human Resources and Little Rock Fire Departments and are tentatively scheduled for June 2016 (specific testing dates will be given in the notification sent). The written exam has a cut-off score of 70%.  Candidates must pass the written exam to continue in the hiring process.


Applicants are responsible for the accuracy of their contact information and keeping informed of their application status. Applicants are responsible for completing all selection components (i.e., supplemental questions, written exams, performance/practical exams) as required by the job posting. Whenever possible, tentative exam dates, etc. will be listed on the job posting so that applicants can make timely inquiries. Current LRCVB and city employees must list their current job and job duties in the work history portion of the application to receive credit.

Applicants may check the status of their application for any position by periodically logging into their applicant account at; therefore, applicants should keep their Username and Password available for this purpose. Applicants may call the Human Resource office (501) 371-4590 to check their status if they are having computer difficulties.

When the application has been successfully submitted, the following confirmation notice will be sent to the applicant’s email address.

Thank you for applying for employment with the City of Little Rock. Applicants are responsible for completing and submitting all selection components listed on the job bulletin. Please note that you will not receive any additional reminders for selection components listed on the job bulletin. The selection process may include but is not limited to the following: application review and evaluation, supplemental questions evaluation, practical skills test, written exam, structured interview, and any other specified component.

Once the position is closed, it will be one to two weeks before you are notified of your status. The designated hiring authority will contact applicants chosen for an interview from the referral list. The hiring process could take up to six months, depending on the nature of the position, pre-employment screenings, and applicable background checks.

If the position is re-advertised, you are eligible to re-apply. Please email any questions concerning your application to  

Please print a copy of this confirmation for your records.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE


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