Firefighter: Madison Wisconsin Deadline: November 30, 2017


Deadline: November 30, 2017

Salary: $50,204.70 Annually

Job Description:


This is responsible work in the protection of life and property from fire; in providing rescue and emergency medical services; in containing and controlling the accidental release of hazardous materials; in the general maintenance and operation of fire department facilities and specialized fire apparatus and equipment; and in presenting related safety information. Under the general supervision of the Line Supervisor, employees must exercise considerable judgment, initiative and skill in the performance of their duties.

Information provided in the application is extensively reviewed during the interview and background check phase, so be sure to carefully read all sections and answer all questions to the fullest extent possible.  Be detail oriented, making every attempt to provide information for every applicable question/section.  Provide a full record of any employment, self-employment, military service and volunteer experience.  You must list a minimum of three (3) professional references (not relatives).

The entry-level examination has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 3, 2018.  You will be notified of the time and location via email.  There are no alternate exam dates, even in the case of an emergency.  Applicants are encouraged to regularly visit the Madison Fire Department website,, where the timeline and dates of future steps in the process will be posted.  A Candidate Preparation Guide will also be made available on the website, which applicants are encouraged to review as it describes all test components.

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities

Work to prevent fire occurrence through participation in the enforcement of fire prevention codes and ordinances. Conduct fire inspections for code enforcement purposes as assigned. Maintain an awareness of related fire hazards. Conduct presentations on a variety of fire-related functions to include fire safety, fire prevention, CPR, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, first aid and related topics. Participate in related community relations activities.

Respond to fire incidents to save and protect life and property under emergency conditions. Operate hand and/or specialized power equipment and apparatus to suppress various types of fires under diverse conditions. Exercise police powers in responding to emergency situations. Operate fire vehicles/apparatus as assigned. Participate in related salvage activities.

Respond to and participate in rescue operations and/or medical emergencies. Provide emergency medical services to injured or severely ill persons (e.g., restore breathing, heart action, control of bleeding, care of broken bones, emergency maternity cases, conveyance to medical facilities, etc.). Perform duties as a firefighter/emergency medical technician.

Respond to the release of hazardous materials to protect life and property through the containment and control of dangerous materials (e.g., inflammable, dangerous chemicals, explosives, etc.).

Participate in the general maintenance and custodial care of fire facilities, apparatus, tools and equipment.

Participate in various classroom, self-study and field training programs to develop and maintain required skills, proficiencies and abilities. Prepare narrative and/or statistical reports as required.

Perform related work as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from high school or possession of a G.E.D. at the time of application.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of and ability to use computer software applicable to the duties of the position.
  • Ability to read and comprehend complex rules, regulations and procedures and to recall/apply them (often under adverse conditions).
  • Ability to remain calm and exercise judgment under emergency conditions.
  • Ability to perform standard mathematical calculations.
  • Ability to follow oral and written direction.
  • Considerable physical strength, stamina and agility (consistent with hazardous fire suppression and rescue work).
  • Physical coordination, strength and acuity inherent in the operation of fire apparatus.
  • Ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds and across boundaries, such as class, race, gender, sexual orientation, literacy and other issues.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships.
  • Ability to work cooperatively in a team environment.
  • Ability to serve the community in a caring, sensitive manner, and to demonstrate patience and tolerance.
  • Ability to adhere to professional standards incorporating honesty and integrity.
  • Ability to perform physically demanding work, requiring judgment, under adverse working conditions. Note: Examples of physical demands and working conditions are illustrated below.
  • Ability to maintain adequate attendance.

Additional Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required at the Full Performance Level after Completing the 3-1/2 Year Fire Apprenticeship Training Program:

  • Working knowledge of applicable national, state and local codes and laws relative to the duties of a firefighter.
  • Working knowledge of fire protection systems, water supply considerations, building construction and combustible and flammable material properties and considerations.
  • Working knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of fire control and extinguishment.
  • Working knowledge of various hazardous materials and the principles, practices and techniques utilized in their containment and control.
  • Working knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques utilized in rescue operations and medical emergency response.
  • Ability to conduct fire inspections, and identify and respond to code violations and hazards.
  • Ability to organize and present topics to groups, such as fire safety/prevention, CPR, First Aid (and related).
  • Ability to operate all applicable fire safety, rescue and emergency medical equipment and apparatus.

Special Requirements

U.S. citizenship and at least 18 years of age at time of application.

Possession of a valid driver’s license is required at the time of application.
All applicants and all current firefighters/paramedics must meet the State of Wisconsin driving regulations, outlined in the Wisconsin DOT Motorists Handbook, throughout employment. The handbook can be found at

Licensure as an Emergency Medical Technician-Defibrillator, and certification as a Hazardous Material Technician by the State of Wisconsin is required upon completion of the initial recruit training.  Failure to obtain the licensure and certification within the required time period may result in forfeiture of the position.

Ability to meet prescribed physical/medical standards.
Physical Requirements

While not an exclusive list, the following examples are meant to illustrate some of the extreme physical demands and working conditions inherent in the role of a firefighter.

Physical Demands
1. Pick up and advance charged fire hoses.
2. Force entry with axe/battering ram.
3. Rescue/extricate victim(s).
4. Perform CPR; apply bandages.
5. Climb stairs carrying heavy equipment, while wearing firefighter protective clothing that weighs in excess of 50 pounds.
6. Strip and vent roofs, breach walls, overhaul burned buildings.
7. Lift and climb/descend ladders (with victims).
8. Visually determine fire status/hazards; assess patient conditions.
9. Hear calls for help; identify fire noise, etc.
10. Walk on roof tops under adverse conditions.
11. Operate power tools and extrication equipment; tie knots.
12. Stoop, crawl, crouch, and kneel in confined spaces.
13. Reach, twist, balance, grapple, bend and lift under emergency conditions.
14. Run, dodge, jump and maneuver with equipment.
15. All of the above may be performed wearing heavy and restrictive protective clothing/gear in excess of 50 pounds.

The physical demands of a firefighter are characterized by strength, endurance, coordination, agility and dexterity.

Working Conditions
1. Work in extreme temperatures; day and night; in rain, snow and ice.
2. Exposure to fumes, gases, noxious odors, dust and poor ventilation.
3. Work in closely confined spaces.
4. Work around potential hazards: fire, explosives, chemicals, electrical shock, structural hazards, fast moving vehicles, etc.
5. Intense exposure to water and/other liquids.
6. Exposure to blood, serious injuries and death.
7. Exposure to a wide range of highly emotional and traumatic events.
8. Exposure to noise and vibration from tools, equipment, machinery, etc.
9. Work at height (e.g., on ladders, roof tops, etc).
10. Work within restrictions of personal safety equipment (e.g., breathing apparatus, steel-tip boots, hearing and eye protection, firefighting turn-out clothing, and hazardous materials gear).

A firefighter must perform physically demanding work, requiring judgment, under adverse working conditions.

** The salary listed above is current as of the closing date of this announcement, however changes to the rate may occur as negotiated by the City of Madison and the IAFF Local 311.

Candidates may find additional information related to salary, benefits, and working conditions at the following link: http (Download PDF reader):// (Download PDF reader)

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE


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