Firefighter: Mt. Juliet Tennessee Deadline: September 8, 2016



Deadline: September 8, 2016

Job Description:

The paid (full-time) firefighter performs responsible service work in fire suppression, fire prevention, vehicle rescues, land based water rescues, emergency medical first response, hazardous materials first response, and other emergency and non-emergency requests for service.


Regular supervision of the paid (full-time) firefighter will be provided by a paid (full-time) Lieutenant or paid (full-time) Captain, depending on the firefighter’s assigned station; a volunteer lieutenant or volunteer captain may provide temporary supervision of the paid (full-time) firefighter depending on the needs of the department (shift coverage, call-back staffing, emergency incidents, special events, committees, etc.). Paid (full-time) firefighters will work under the overall direction of paid, part-time and volunteer chief officers.


  1. Responds to requests for emergency and non-emergency service; drives and operates apparatus and equipment; assists in the suppression of fires; conducts search and rescue; conducts ventilation; conducts salvage and overhaul; conducts extrication and other rescues; and provides pre-hospital emergency medical care to patients.
  2. Assists in maintaining fire apparatus and equipment.
  3. Assists in and cleaning and maintaining fire stations, fire apparatus, and facility grounds.
  4. Conducts life safety inspections of business and residences and prepares pre-fire plans and conducts private fire hydrant testing.
  5. Participates in continuing training and instruction programs by individual study of technical material and attendance at scheduled drills and classes. (Some training may require overnight travel at the city’s expense.)

     6. Conducts tours and educational programs for the public, school, and community groups.

  1. Receives and transmits radio and telephone messages.
  2. Performs related tasks and other duties as assigned.


Minimum requirements are those required by the State of Tennessee, Local Government Code, City of Mt. Juliet Rules and Regulations, Inter-local agreements, City of Mt. Juliet Policies and Procedures, and/or Fire Department Rules, Regulations, Standard Operating Guidelines, and Fire Chief’s Memos.


  • ï‚·  Graduation from high school or completion of a GED.
  • ï‚·  Be at least 21 years of age.
  • ï‚·  Ability to read, write and understand the English language.MINIMUM REQUIRED LICENSES AND CERTIFICATES
  • ï‚·  Must possess a valid TN driver’s license with an “F” endorsement (Must be maintained as a condition of continued employment).
  • ï‚·  State of Tennessee Firefighter I Certification*.
  • ï‚·  State of Tennessee Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) License. (Must be maintained as a condition of continued employment. The City of Mt. Juliet will provide funding to maintain EMR and EMT licenses. Funding will not be provided to maintain EMT-P licenses)*.
  • ï‚·  Valid HEALTHCARE PROVIDER (Basic life support, CPR, AED) Certification (Must be maintained as a condition of continued employment).
  • ï‚·  FEMA ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800. PREFERED QUALIFICAITONS
  • ï‚·  State of Tennessee Pumper Driver Operator Certification.
  • ï‚·  Prior service (in-good standing) as an FDMJ Volunteer Firefighter or prior service (paidor volunteer) in a combination (paid & volunteer) fire department.
  • ï‚·  Tennessee Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) license.REQUIREMENTS WITHIN FOUR YEARS OF PAID (full-time) HIRE DATE

ï‚· State of Tennessee Firefighter II Certification.



  • ï‚·  General knowledge of fire behavior;
  • ï‚·  General knowledge of technical firefighting principles and techniques and principles ofhydraulics applied to fire suppression;
  • ï‚·  General knowledge of building construction;
  • ï‚·  General knowledge of the street system and physical layout of the city;
  • ï‚·  General knowledge of emergency care methods, techniques and equipment;ABILITY TO:

o Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions in English;

o Ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with fellow employees, mutual and automatic aid partners, EMS providers, law enforcement, city leaders, elected officials, and the general public;

o Abilitytomaintainrecordsandpreparewrittenreports; o Ability to perform heavy manual labor;
o Possess a strong mechanical aptitude;
o Skill in operation of heavy emergency equipment;

o Work irregular hours including weekends, holidays and extended hours in emergency, disaster or other situations influenced by workload or staffing difficulties;

o Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing, in English;
o Pass a medical/physical examination and all other tests required for initial hiring and to

maintain continued employment. o Meet the City’s driving standards.


Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for:

  • Making observations;
  • Reading and writing in English;
  • Operating assigned equipment;
  • Assessing the situation at an incident scene;
  • Communicating with others in English.Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities, which may include the following:
  • Participating in fire suppression activities
  • Running, walking, crouching or crawling during emergency operations
  • Moving equipment and injured/deceased persons
  • Climbing stairs/ladders
  • Walking, standing or sitting for extended periods of time
  • Performing life-saving and rescue procedures
  • Operating assigned equipment
  • Wearing assigned protective clothing and equipment.Effectively deal with personal danger, which may include exposure to:
  • Hazardous chemicals and materials
  • Fumes and smoke
  • Intense heat
  • Electrical hazards
  • Confined or high work places
  • Dangerous animals
  • Extremely loud noises
  • Hazards of emergency driving
  • Hazards associated with traffic control and working in and near traffic
  • Natural and man-made disasters

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

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