Firefighter Recruit: County of Hawaii Hawaii Deadline: October 24, 2017

Firefighter Recruit

Deadline: October 24, 2017

Salary: $53,880.00 Annually

Job Description:

To fill anticipated vacancies in 2018.

Attends training classes and receives instruction in the theories, techniques, methods, and procedures used in firefighting and rescue work; under immediate supervision, performs firefighting and rescue tasks; and performs other related duties as required.

Special Working Conditions:  Irregular hours, shift and weekend work, and exposure to hazardous and obnoxious conditions as required.

Examples of Duties:

  • Attends training classes and receives instruction and training in the various aspects of firefighting and rescue work and in first aid and emergency life support procedures and techniques.
  • Studies firefighting manuals, departmental policies, procedures, fire codes, and regulations.
  • Responds to fire alarms and other emergency calls and performs various firefighting and rescue tasks as directed.
  • Administers first aid and emergency life support measures when required.
  • Performs salvage and clean up work when fire is under control, such as removing debris, loose beams, flooring, excess water, furnishings, and other property by removing them from buildings or spreading over with protective covering.
  • Reloads hoses, ladders, and other firefighting and rescue tools and equipment for return to station.
  • Washes, polishes, and services firefighting and rescue apparatus and equipment.
  • Tests, washes, and hangs hose.
  • Attends company drills and training sessions in firefighting and rescue methods, first aid, use and maintenance of station equipment and tools, and on department policies, procedures, fire codes, regulations, and laws.
  • Participates in tours of the area being served to study and become familiar with the location of streets, buildings, hydrants, static water supplies, alarm boxes, standpipe connections, sprinkler connections, and fire escapes.
  • Assists in fire safety inspections of buildings and premises.
  • Performs routine duties in cleaning and maintaining station living and working facilities and grounds.
  • Participates in water and mountain rescue work when required.
  • May operate fire apparatus, utility trucks, and vehicles as assigned.
  • Performs Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Mobile Intensive Care Technician (MICT) duties as required.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

Training and Experience:

  • High school graduate or equivalent (GED or HiSET); and
  • Satisfactory completion at the time of filing (with a grade of C or better) of an English 100 (ENG 100) course and Health 125 (HLTH 125) course from an accredited community college or university; or equivalent courses as determined by Kapiolani Community College (KCC).  NOTE:  A University of Hawai`i (UH) Nursing 110 (NURS 110) course can be substituted for the Health 125 course provided the grade is C or better.
    • If courses are completed at any UH System community college or university, attach official college transcript.
    • If courses are completed outside of the UH system, download the Request for Transcript Evaluation for County of Hawaii Fire Fighter Recruit Form at  Contact KCC Health Science Counselors (available Monday through Thursday) at (808) 734-9224 or by e-mail at for follow up and questions regarding the Request for Transcript Evaluation Form.  Attach KCC approved Request for Transcript Evaluation Form to the application with official college transcript from college/university where courses were completed.
  • Possession of a valid State of Hawai`i driver’s license (Class 3) or any other valid comparable driver’s license by the recruitment’s closing deadline.  You will be required to submit your valid driver’s license to the Hawai`i Fire Department during their selection process.

NOTES:  At the time of filing, the following may be substituted for the English 100 (ENG 100) and Health 125 (HLTH 125) courses:
1)  Current  State of Hawai`i EMT or MICT license and one of the following:
2)  Certificate of Competence from the KCC’s EMT Program; or
3)  Certificate of Achievement from KCC’s MICT (Paramedic) Program; or
4)  An Associate in Science Degree from KCC’s MICT (Paramedic) Program
Scan and attach license(s), certificate(s), and/or official college transcript(s) to your application.

Prior to completion of probation, the following licenses/certificates shall be required:

  • possession of a valid Hawai`i Fire Department (HFD) Driver’s Certificate of Competence to operate HFD Type 1 motor vehicles,
  • current Hawai`i Fire Department Medical Certification;
  • current BLS Health Care Provider Certificate (CPR),
  • current Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Certificate,
  • current State of Hawai`i Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) License, and
  • current Hawai`i Fire Department Aquatics Competency Certificate – Awareness Level.
  • As applicable to position, State of Hawai`i EMT or Mobile Intensive Care Technician (MICT) License may be required but shall not be considered a disqualifying factor when filing an application.


  1. A current State of Hawai`i EMT or MICT license which are equivalent or higher than an EMR certificate may be substituted for that certificate.
  2. Hawai`i Fire Department Aquatics Competency Certificate – Awareness Instructor,   Operations level, Operations Instructor, or Instructor Trainer that are higher than the Hawai’i Fire Department Aquatics Competency Certificate – Awareness level may be substituted for that certificate.


Written test administered on the Island of Hawai`i only.
Hilo:                 Week of November 28, 2017
Kailua-Kona:    December 2, 2017, Saturday

Assessment Exercise:

Performance Assessment Exercise administered by the Hawai`i Fire Department on the Island of Hawai`i only:
Hilo:                  January 13, 2018, Saturday

Ability to:  Learn and apply firefighting, lifesaving, and fire prevention principles, practices, techniques, tools, and equipment to actual situations; learn and apply a variety of emergency aid and treatment to injured and ill persons; climb ladders and work at heights; withstand sustained physical exertion and perform arduous work under adverse conditions; swim and learn water rescue techniques; act quickly and effectively in emergencies; read and understand technical materials; apply basic math to practical firefighting and fire prevention situations; understand and follow oral and written instructions; and get along with others.

Physical and Health Requirements:  Persons seeking appointment to positions in this class must meet the health and physical condition standards deemed necessary and proper to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodations.

Vision Requirement:  Far visual acuity is at least 20/30 binocular, corrected with contact lenses or spectacles. Far visual acuity uncorrected is at least 20/40 binocular for wearers of hard contacts or spectacles. Successful long-term soft contact lens wearers (i.e., 6 months without a problem) are not subject to the uncorrected standard.

Physical Effort Grouping:  Special

Supplemental Information:

Scan and attach the following required documents, as applicable, to your application:

  • Official college transcript(s)
  • Current State of Hawai`i EMT or MICT license
  • KCC Certificate of Competence for EMT Program
  • KCC Certificate of Achievement for MICT Program
  • KCC approved Request for Transcript Evaluation Form for English 100/Health 125 equivalent courses not taken at a UH System community college or university.

To obtain a Request for Transcript Evaluation Form for English 100 and Health 125 courses not taken at a UH System community college or university, download the Request for Transcript Evaluation for County of Hawaii Fire Fighter Recruit Form at  Contact  KCC Health Science Counselors (available Monday through Thursday) at (808) 734-9224 or by e-mail at  for follow up and questions regarding the Request for Transcript Evaluation Form.  Attach the approved KCC Request for Transcript Evaluation form to your application with official college transcript(s) from the college/university where courses were completed. 

The Hawai`i Fire Department will conduct a comprehensive applicant interview and selection process for the position of Fire Fighter Recruit. Each component of this process is designed to identify those applicants that are most suitable for the position of Fire Fighter Recruit.

The Hawai`i Fire Department is unique in comparison to many other fire departments across the state and nation in that all Fire Fighters are required to be trained and certified as Emergency Medical Technicians.

In anticipation of the large number of applicants to be tested for this recruitment, it is important for all applicants to recognize that this is a highly sought after profession and the process is very competitive. Preparation for each component is highly encouraged.

The Hawai`i Fire Department will conduct the performance assessment exercise on January 13, 2018, in Hilo, Hawai`i for those applicants who meet the minimum qualification requirements and pass the written examination.

The agility test consists of four (4) events related to the duties of a Fire Fighter. Each event is timed and all applicants must pass each of the four events within the specified time to continue on in the selection process:

  • Swimming Event: 100 yards in 2 minutes and 15.00 seconds, using any stroke except backstroke. Within 45.00 seconds after the swim, surface dive to retrieve a 5-pound object submerged in the 10-foot depth of the pool.
  • Weight Drag Event: Run 50 feet; drag a 140-pound weight for 50 feet in 16.00 seconds.
  • Hose Bundle Event: Carry hose bundle over specified course in 40.00 seconds wearing a Fire Department standard turnout jacket and helmet, to be issued at test site.
  • Endurance Run Event: 5 Laps around the track (1-1/4 miles) in 12 minutes.

Upon successful completion of the agility test, applicants will be scheduled for the following selection process phases:

  1. Brief orientation and Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) – during this orientation, applicants are provided with a PHQ which is to be completed and returned to the Hawai`i Fire Department by a designated deadline. The PHQ includes questions regarding employment history, military history, personal references, and criminal record.
  2. Applicants will be scheduled for and must pass a Compass® test (a general aptitude college placement test) administered by Hawai`i Community College.
  3. Interview and assessment before an interview panel are then conducted with those applicants who submitted their PHQ by the deadline required by the Hawai`i Fire Department.
  4. Conditional job offer to selected applicants.
  5. Background check – selected applicant is evaluated for his/her suitability for the position of Fire Fighter Recruit in accordance with the Hawai`i Fire Department Suitability Guidelines for Fire Fighter Recruit (see attached).
  6. A pre-employment medical exam and drug screening test.


Applicants selected to become Fire Fighter Recruits with the Hawai`i Fire Department will participate in a sixteen (16)-week Fire Fighter I training program followed by a six (6)-week Emergency Medical Technician training program (both programs involve classroom and field training) in Hilo. Training may be conducted island-wide.

During these training programs, all Fire Fighter Recruits are required to meet physical, academic, and performance standards as specified by the Hawai`i Fire Department inclusive of the following:

  1. Pass weekly examinations.
  2. Complete formal reports and training documentation such as payroll time sheets, incident reports, letters and correspondence, etc.
  3. Complete and pass a Driver Competency Certification program.
  4. Complete and pass a Water Safety training and certification program.
  5. Participate in and meet performance standards with a daily physical fitness training program.
  6. Maintain department standards with physical appearance and grooming, uniform and dress codes, attendance and punctuality.

Fire Fighter Recruits will serve a one-year initial probationary period.

For further information regarding the Fire Fighter Recruit training program, please contact the Hawai`i Fire Department Training Officer at (808) 961-8520.

These employment guidelines are used by the Hawai`i Fire Department to determine whether an applicant is suitable for a Fire Fighter Recruit position:

Applicants will be disqualified if any one of the following criteria exists.

CRIMINAL HISTORY: Time Period From Filing Of Application

  • (Conviction) Any Felony Offense indicating a propensity for violence, lack of trustworthiness, and/or deviant sexual behavior such as Murder/Rape/Arson/Burglary [First Degree Only]/Theft[First Degree Only]/Robbery/Forgery[First Degree Only]/Assault/Terroristic Threatening/Kidnapping/Sexual Assault/Incest/Child Abuse/Abuse of Family or Household Member Lifetime (Unsuitable)


  • (Conviction) Sale/Trade/Distribution of any controlled substance delineated under Schedule I-IV of the Hawai`i Revised Statutes as amended. Lifetime (Unsuitable)
  • (Conviction) Use of any Controlled Substance delineated under Schedule I-IV of the Hawai`i Revised Statutes as amended, while a sworn law enforcement or prosecutorial position or in a position of high trust such as school teacher, emergency responder, nurse, counselor, athletic coach, social worker, prison guard, etc. Lifetime (Unsuitable)


  • (Conviction) Two (2) or More DUI Offenses Within last 10 years (Unsuitable)
  • (Conviction) Single DUI Offense Within last 5 years (Unsuitable)
  • (Conviction) Reckless Driving Offense Within last 5 years (Unsuitable)
  • (Conviction) Operation of Motor Vehicle while License revoked, surrendered or suspended Within last 5 years (Unsuitable)

The following criteria, based on the totality of circumstances, may be used in the evaluation and consideration of all candidates.
CRIMINAL HISTORY: Time Period From Filing Of Application

  • (Arrest) Murder Lifetime
  • (Conviction) Felony Burglary [Second Degree Only], Theft [Second Degree Only], and Forgery [Second Degree Only] Within last 5 years
  • (Conviction/Arrest/Charge) of any Misdemeanor or Petty Misdemeanor Crime of Violence that involves injury or threat of injury to the person of another, such as Assault/Abuse Family Household Member/Terroristic Threatening, etc. Within last 5 years
  • (Conviction/Arrest/Charge) of any other misdemeanor/petty misdemeanors offenses. Within last 3 years
  • (Conviction/Arrest/Charge) Contempt of Court Within last 3 years


  • (Conviction/Arrest/Charge) Any Illegal Drug related offenses Lifetime
  • (Arrest/Charge) Sale/Trade/Distribution any Controlled Substance delineated under Schedule I-IV of the Hawai`i Revised Statutes as amended. Lifetime
  • (Conviction/Arrest/Charge) Excessive use/experimentation of any/or combination of any Controlled Substance delineated under Schedule I-IV of the Hawai`i Revised Statutes as amended Lifetime


  • (Arrest/Charge) Reckless Driving Within last 3 years
  • (Conviction/Arrest/Charge) Other Traffic Offenses (i.e. driving without a license, driving with a suspended/revoked/surrendered license, consumption or possession of intoxicating liquor while operating vehicle, storage of open container of intoxicating liquor, inattention to driving and operating a vehicle without proper insurance.) Within last 3 years
  • (Arrest/Charge) DUI Offense Within last 3 years
  • (Citation) Three (3) or more moving violations (i.e. speeding, etc.) and/or parking violations Within last 3 years

Employment guidelines may be revised at the discretion of the Hawai`i Fire Department – [revised 10/28/08]

The Department of Human Resources will use electronic mail (email) to notify applicants of information relating to the status and processing of their applications as part of our ongoing efforts to increase operational efficiency, promote the conservation of green resources, and minimize delays and costs.

Please ensure that the email address and contact information you provide is current, secure, and readily accessible to you. We will not be responsible in any way if you do not receive our emails or fail to check your email-box in a timely manner.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE

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