Firefighter: Reno Nevada Deadline: January 26, 2018


Deadline: January 26, 2018

Salary: $53,727.22 – $72,925.05 Annually

Job Description:

This is an open competitive opportunity for any individuals who meet the minimum qualifications. This will establish a list for current and future openings during the life of the list.

This is the entry level position for the Fire Department with responsibility for firefighting, life saving, and other related work activities connected with the response to emergency and other incidents, fire prevention, equipment operation and maintenance, facility maintenance, work and skill readiness and other related tasks. This position normally works as a team member of a fire or rescue response company and reports to a Fire Captain, or when appropriate, a Fire Equipment Operator. When qualified and assigned, this position may temporarily perform in the capacity of a Fire Equipment Operator.

 Examples of Essential Functions:

Essential responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Respond to fires and other emergency or public assistance incidents in a timely, safe, and skilled manner and participate in their control through hose laying, ladder operations, ventilation, extinguishment, salvage and other activities as part of team effort.
  • Rescue person endangered by fires or other hazards and administer first aid to injured parties when assigned.
  • Conduct inspections and other fire prevention tasks including fire safety education to eliminate or reduce fire hazards and enforce fire codes.
  • Develop and maintain high levels of work knowledge and skills for various duties through training, manipulative drills and other skill maintenance programs.
  • Operate and maintain properly and safely firefighting and other related equipment and apparatus in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Keep fire station and other facilities in a clean, orderly and usable condition.
  • Assist in completing other day-to-day work such as record keeping and map maintenance.
  • Perform various public information and relations tasks, as appropriate and assigned through written and oral form.
  • Maintain an adequate level of physical fitness to perform firefighting, rescue, equipment operation, and other related tasks.
  • May, when qualified and assigned, perform relief work in the capacity of a Fire Equipment Operator.

 Minimum Qualifications:Education:
Completion of a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Be at least 18 years of age at the time of appointment. 

License or Certificate:

  • Possession of a current, valid driver’s license at the time of appointment.
  • Possession of current, valid Nevada Emergency Medical Technician certification or National Registry Emergency Medical Technician certification


  • Submission of proof of enrollment in either one of the certification processes at the time of submission of your online application or received by the Office of the Civil Service Commission no later than January 26, 2018 at 5:00 pm PT. Postmarks will not be accepted. NOTE: The certification must be completed prior to appointment.

Ability to:

  • Demonstrate ability in analyzing situations quickly and reaching logical conclusions. Understand both written and oral information.
  • Follow procedures and directions both in written and oral form.
  • Writing ability as reflected in filling out forms, reports, logs and the drawing of diagrams.
  • Live and work as a member of the team.
  • Communicate with the general public.
  • Understand basic arithmetic elements using whole numbers, decimals, percentages, and fractions.
  • Understand mechanical aptitude. Learn and retain information.
  • Work under stress.
  • Demonstrate the ability to learn firefighting techniques, equipment operations and maintenance, rescue and other relevant techniques.
  • Apply Emergency Medical Technician skills.
  • Meet physical and medical requirements established by the department.

 Supplemental Information:HOW TO APPLY:
You may submit your completed application, supplemental questionnaire and attachments online at by January 26, 2018 at 5:00 pm PT. If a computer or mobile device is not available to you, suggested locations to complete an online application submittal include: the City of Reno City Hall 2nd floor computer kiosk or the 5th floor Civil Service Offices, or any locations of Nevada Job Connect and any local library or educational facility.

Note: Please answer the supplemental questions included with this announcement. The questions are not part of the applicant’s final grade but will be used as a step in the minimum qualification and job experience screening process.

Physical Agility: Pass/Fail
Written Exam:  100% of final grade

The exam will consist of a physical agility exam and a written test. Applicants who have earned a CPAT certification on or after January 26, 2017, and attach it to the online application or it is received in the Office of the Civil Service Commission no later than 5:00 pm PT on January 26, 2018 (no postmarks will be accepted) will not have to take the City of Reno’s physical ability examination, but will still be required to take the written test. Physical agility and written exam dates have been scheduled for February 12 -16, 2018.

Note: Applicants must appear in Reno in order to participate in the physical abilities and written test. Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications will be sent an email outlining instructions on how to choose a testing date. Testing sessions fill up on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Qualified applicants will be notified by email of the exact date, time, and location of the examination (if applicable). Applicants are notified by email of their examination results. Applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications will also be notified.

If you wish to identify yourself as an individual with a disability and will be requesting an accommodation, that request must be made to the Chief Examiner no later than the closing date of this announcement.

Applicants are responsible for keeping the Reno Civil Service Commission informed of email and mailing addresses and telephone number changes at all times. Rule XV, Section 2. “It shall be the sole responsibility of each applicant for examination and each person on an eligible list for appointment to promptly report to the Commission the following information. Failure to do so shall constitute cause for rejection of application or removal from the eligible list, as appropriate.
(1) Any change in name, address, and telephone number….”

Demographic information (name, address, phone number, ethnic/racial, gender, birth date) provided by an applicant on the most recent job application will be considered correct and will override previously submitted information provided by the applicant.

In the event of tie scores resulting from an open competitive examination, employees will be provided a rank preference in the following order: employees with established veteran status shall be given the first preference, non-veteran employees second preference and non-employee veterans third preference. A candidate who desires to claim veteran’s preference must, at time of application, submit documentation of honorable discharge from the United States Armed Forces. This preference will only be administered in the event of tie scores. Documentation must be submitted at time of application.

Appointments to positions in the City’s Civil Service system are made on the basis of examination. Scores resulting from a competitive examination are used in determining a person’s rank on an eligible register. The current certification rule in effect at the time a request is received by the Civil Service Commission will be used to refer names. The department may hire any of the persons referred. The names of those persons not hired may be considered when the next vacancy occurs, for as long as that register is viable.

As the final step in the selection process, newly hired and newly promoted employees serve a probationary period of fixed duration to show their ability to perform the work.

Questions about the information on this announcement and updates to application information should be directed to the Office of the Civil Service Commission at (775) 334-2223 or

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

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