Firefighter Trainee: Glendale Arizona Deadline: November 29, 2019

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Firefighter Trainee

Deadline: November 29, 2019

Salary: $42,043.00 Annually

Job Description:

City of Glendale
2019/2020 Recruitment Process

Thank you for your interest in the 2019/2020 Glendale Fire Department recruitment process for Firefighter Trainee. Below is a summary for some of the major requirements and testing information. All information and dates are subject to change without notice. 
Please read the directions in their entirety before you apply and before you call with questions.
For a full job description and requirements for Firefighter Trainee, including pay, special and physical requirements, go to the city web page or the following link: and access the JOBS link.

At the time of hire (employment start date):
Age: 18 years or older
Eyesight: Correctable to 20/20
Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT):  Proof of passing limited to time period 6 months prior to hire date.  Glendale will only accept a CPAT from Qualified Agencies such as National Testing Network, any Maricopa Community College, or a Qualified agency on the IAFF web page under Health and Safety (go to the link at the end of the page for CPAT License Information).
State of Arizona Emergency Medical Technician Certification/or National Certification; Unexpired/Valid certification required.
Valid / Unrestricted Arizona Driver’s License.
More Information:
Must successfully pass the conditional hiring process, which includes, but is not limited to post offer: Department of Public Safety and FBI background check, fingerprint, alcohol/drug testing and a medical physical administered by a Glendale Fire Department authorized physician. Must successfully complete Glendale approved Firefighter training academy to become a Firefighter. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as a commitment to serve others, are important.
REQUIRED WORK SCHEDULE: For a regular assigned Firefighter is 24 hours on and 48 hours off.  The schedule is a continuous “rolling” schedule and includes holidays and weekends, if your shift falls on these days.
WORKING CONDITIONS: Require working in heavy traffic, in confined, cramped areas, at considerable heights, and under stressful situations, with exposure to extreme heat, adverse weather conditions, hazardous materials, and contagious diseases.
The city requires all employees to have an acceptable driving record per practice by risk management.  An MVR will be run if a conditional offer is extended.

Unacceptable Driving Record:
1 or more major convictions in 39 months; or
4 or more minor convictions in 39 months, or
3 or more MVR at-fault vehicle accidents in 39 months, or Combination of minor convictions and MVR at-fault accidents totaling 4 or more in 39 months

Violation *ARS cite *Points *Category
DUI  *28-1381    *8  *Major
Extreme DUI  *28-1382   *8  *Major
Aggravated driving while under influence  *28-138   *8  *Major
Reckless driving   *28-693   *8   *Major
Racing on highways   *28-708   *8   *Major
Aggressive driving   *28-695   *8   *Major
Leaving accident scene   *28-662-665   *6   *Major
Failure to stop for signal/sign/yield causing death   *28-672(A)   *6   *Major
Failure to stop for signal/sign causing serious injury   *28-672(A)   *4   *Major
Speeding   *28-701   *3   *Minor
Driving over gore area   *28-644(a)(2)   *3   *Minor
All other moving violations    * none  *2   *Minor
Driving while not in compliance with driver’s license restrictions   *Various  *None *Minor
Glendale Fire Department Firefighter Trainee 2019/2020 Process:  IMPORTANT
Candidates must meet qualifications and requirements as stated in the job description. They will complete both the city of Glendale current Firefighter Trainee application and have a National Testing Network (NTN) test score submitted by close of the city application process, to be considered.
Process components are by invitation only. Do not accept an appointment unless you are prepared to keep it. Once scheduling closes, no further opportunity will be provided.
Candidates who do not respond by deadline to notices and invitations will exit the process. Make-up appointments are not available. If you cannot attend a scheduled appointment, please call and cancel your appointment. A no-show to your appointment negatively impacts the process and the test panels time, as they wait specifically for you by name. 
Communications: YOU are responsible to check your accounts (e-mail / phone) and ensure they will accept messages without rejection. Also, check your junk mail or other folders depending on your settings. Inability to access or manage your accounts may negatively impact your ability to receive information during this process. 

Step 1 – Application

Complete the current city online Firefighter Trainee application in full without omission or incomplete information. How you complete the application is a reflection on your work.  Applicants must be truthful and accurate and avoid providing inconsistent information, incorrect dates, partial or incomplete information when completing the application and any supplemental forms. Falsifying, making errors or omitting information during any stage of the selection process, may make you ineligible for consideration or continued city employment.
Once you select “apply” on the job notice for Firefighter Trainee, you may be prompted to create an account prior to completing the application. Note: Your application account is the location which shows your status throughout the process. You can access this information anytime.
All applications must be current, online, applications for this Glendale Firefighter Trainee process and submitted through our online application system, paper applications will not be accepted. Firefighter Trainee applications will be available starting November 4, 2019, to November 29, 2019. If you have prior full-time Arizona Firefighter experience, you are encouraged to indicate this using the work history section and supplemental questions. A resume or cover letter is NOT required and will not be provided to the panels.
Application Contact Information:  You are responsible for accurate contact information provided on your application. You are also responsible for accessing and programming your accounts to receive messages. The information you enter on your application will be used to contact you during the process. Insufficient or incorrect contact information, blocked accounts, full boxes or systems that re-direct your mail to other boxes like trash or spam, and/or other complications with your accounts or systems, may negatively affect your ability to receive information, instructions, and meet deadlines.
Confirmation of receipt for application: Once you have submitted your application, you can check your own application status from this account. Also, E-mail notices may also update in your account. Due to the volume of applicants it is best that you can view this information yourself at any time.
Application technical issues: If you experience any technical issues submitting an application, please contact NEOGOV’s Applicant Support Team. They are available at 855-524-5627 (toll-free) Monday through Friday 6:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time excluding major holidays.


Step 1a – Veteran or Disability Preference Points Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS)- 38-492
If you wish to apply for these points, you are responsible for reading ARS 38-492 prior to applying for points
To qualify for preference points, scan (all pages) of your honorable discharge DD-214 or valid official documentation. Submit this documentation as a PDF labeled with “your name” & “preference points” (example: Smith, Betty preference points) as an upload with your city application. NOTICE: You are responsible for ensuring the documentation is complete, not missing information/pages, readable and a valid official document from a qualified agency, to receive points. Confirmation of preference points documents: If you access your application account and review the application you submitted, you can view for yourself the uploaded documents you submitted. Due to the volume of applicants, staff will not respond to inquiries.


Step 2 – Written Test
The written exam will be conducted through the National Testing Network (NTN) and it is open to all applicants. Dates for the written exam scores to be submitted open November 4th and close November 29th. This vendor charges a fee. Candidates will contact National Testing Network directly to schedule a testing location, date and time, or if you are eligible to submit previous scores. Ensure your scores are designated to go to city of Glendale Arizona Firefighter Trainee process before deadline. Please refer to the National Testing Network website for additional testing locations, contact information, and available testing times within and outside Arizona.
Step 3 – Glendale Fire Department Firefighter Trainee Process
Successful candidates meeting qualifications and selected for the next step in the process will be notified by e-mail using the contact information listed on your application. Be prepared for short notice and quick reply deadlines. It is the candidate’s responsibility to respond in a timely manner and by deadline. Candidates are on notice that the mandatory test components for this recruitment process may be scheduled on weekdays, weekends or holidays.
Applicants whose information, testing, training, education and experience most closely meet the needs of the position may be invited to participate in the selection process. The Fire Chief has final selection authority after review of all process information. Human Resources and the Fire Department reserve the right to terminate or extend the life of a process or an eligibility list at any time. Successful candidates selected may be assigned to an upcoming Firefighter Trainee academy.  Please be aware the screening of applications and test materials takes time and it is not anticipated for any notices to go out until late January.

Other Elements:  

Glendale is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity at all levels of the workforce. During the selection process any applicant requiring accommodation for a disability should advise the Human Resources Department.
If you have questions, not answered in this document, contact the Fire Personnel Division –

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.


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