Firefighter/EMT: Joint Recruitment! North Shore, Wauwatosa and West Allis Fire Departments Deadline: July 15, 2019

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Deadline: July 15, 2019


  • City of Wauwatosa: $48,537 – $76,967 Annually 
  • City of West Allis: $49,950.04 – $75,082.80 Annually 
  • North Shore Fire Department: $49,774 – $75,528 Annually 

Job Description:

The City of Wauwatosa, City of West Allis and the North Shore Fire Department are conducting a joint recruitment process to fill current and future vacancies of the entry level Firefighter/EMT position. The application and recruitment process will be a joint effort; however, each Fire Department will establish separate eligibility lists.

Essential Functions

  • Perform firefighting activities including driving fire apparatus, operating pumps and related equipment, laying hose, and performing fire combat, containment and extinguishment tasks.
  • Perform emergency aid activities and provide emergency medical services.
  • Participate in fire drills, attend classes in firefighting, emergency medical, hazardous materials, and related subjects.
  • Receive and relay fire calls and alarms. Operate radio and other communication equipment.
  • Participate in the inspection of buildings, hydrants, and other structures in fire prevention programs.
  • Maintain fire equipment, apparatus and facilities. Perform minor repairs to departmental equipment.
  • Perform general maintenance work in the upkeep of fire facilities and equipment; clean and wash walls and floors; care for grounds around station; make minor repairs; wash, hang and dry hose; wash, clean, polish, maintain and test apparatus and equipment.
  • Assist in developing plans for special assignments such as emergency preparedness, hazardous communications, training programs, firefighting, hazardous materials, and emergency aid activities.
  • Present programs to the community on safety, medical, and fire prevention topics.
  • Perform salvage operations such as throwing salvage covers, sweeping water, and removing debris.
  • Performs duties as a certified EMT-B, EMT-D or EMT-P, according to criteria and standards set forth by the department.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisors.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. High school graduate.
  3. Applicants must possess a valid Wisconsin’s driver’s license or such valid operator’s permit recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as authorizing operation of a motor vehicle in Wisconsin.  Restrictions as to physical reasons only will not disqualify a person for issuance of application, but may be a basis for rejection in the medical examination.
  4. State of Wisconsin certification for Firefighter Level 1 or a certificate that bears the seal of the IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress)/Pro-Board equivalent.
  5. State of Wisconsin Emergency Medical Technician Basic License.
  6. In order to be eligible for hire, applicants must possess a Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) certificate from an IAFF/IAFC authorized testing site dated no earlier than November 8, 2018. Candidates may obtain/renew a CPAT certificate at any authorized testing site, including the West Allis Fire Department. Candidates who wish to obtain/renew a CPAT certificate at the West Allis Fire Department must visit the West Allis Fire Department’s web site to submit a 2019 CPAT Enrollment Form. Please note that, in order to complete a full CPAT process without waiving any orientation or time trial sessions, candidates must be enrolled to attend their first orientation session no later than September 13, 2019.
  7. Residency requirement for West Allis ONLY: if hired, appointee must establish residency within one hour response time (30 minute drive time) from Fire Station 3 (10830 W. Lapham St.) as determined by the Fire Chief, within 18 months of hire; restrictions must be maintained throughout employment with the City of West Allis.
  8. At the time of application, applicants shall certify that they do not smoke tobacco products.
  9. If veteran, proof of honorable discharge.
  10. Excellent moral character and highest personal integrity.

Preferred Requirements

  1. Preference points will be given for current National Registry required for Paramedic (NRP – copy of card required).
  2. Preference points will be given for Bachelor’s Degree with major in a fire related discipline, Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline or Associate’s Degree in Fire Science.  Points for continuing education will only be awarded for one of the options listed (copy of diploma or transcripts required).
  3. Preference points will be given for Wisconsin Firefighter II Certification, Wisconsin Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Certification, Wisconsin Fire Apparatus Aerial/Operator, Wisconsin Fire Officer I Certification, Wisconsin Fire Instruction I Certification and Wisconsin Fire Inspector Certification (Copy of Certifications Required).
  4. Preference points will be given to candidates that are currently enrolled in Paramedic School (Proof of enrollment required).

Additional Information

  • City of Wauwatosa: The starting base salary is $48,537 to $76,967 annually after five years of service (July of 2019 rates) which compliments an excellent benefit package.  The Department is currently in contract negotiations for 2020.  
  • City of West Allis: The starting base salary is $49,950.04 to $75,082.80 annually after five years of service (January of 2019 rates) which compliments an excellent benefit package. The Department is currently in contract negotiations for 2020. 
  • North Shore Fire Department: The starting base salary is $49,774 to $75,528 annually after five years of service (2019 rates) which compliments an excellent benefit package.  The Department is currently in contract negotiations for 2020.  
  • Wauwatosa & North Shore: Both Fire Departments use a 3 platoon system where employees are on duty for 24 hours and then off duty for 24 hours; employees work three shifts and then are off on the fourth shift. Duty hours, work schedules and assignments to a specific platoon are subject to change by Fire Department administrative directive.
  • West Allis: The work schedule for sworn employees will be repetitive tour of duty cycle consisting of (24) hours on continuous active duty, followed by (48) continuous hours off duty; one (24) hour period on duty every (3) days.
The top scoring candidates that meet the minimum requirements and submit all required supplemental documents will be invited to pre-screening process that will include all or some of the following steps (depending on the agency):
  1. Departmental Interviews: The initial top 100 applicants whose total points (including veteran’s preference points and other additional points as described above) will be invited to participate in pre-screening interviews conducted by the each department.  Additional interviews will be conducted if necessary.
  2. Personnel Evaluation Profile Assessment
  3. Police and Fire Commission Interview
  4. Medical Evaluation, Psychological Evaluation and Drug Screen
  5. Background Investigation
PROBATION: A Firefighter is required to serve a probationary period of (1) year. The employee may be subject to discharge without cause at any time during the probationary period.
APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL 4:30pm ON Monday, 7/15/19. Qualified
applicants will be notified via email of any examinations, interviews or other events required in the selection process.
Step 1:
  • Complete on-line application at the City of Wauwatosa’s website: (
  • Attach a copy of your resume to your on-line application (optional)
Step 2:
  • Submit the following supplemental documents to the City of Wauwatosa’s Human Resources Department by attaching them to the on-line application (preferred), in person or by mail. Faxed copies WILL NOT be accepted. All documents must be received by 4:30pm on Monday, 7/15/19.
City of Wauwatosa
Human Resources Department
7725 W. North Ave.
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Documents that must be received by 4:30pm on Mon, 7/15/19:
  1. Copy of high school diploma or transcripts or GED
  2. Copy of DD214 (if applicable – for Veterans)
  3. Copy of state of Wisconsin certification for Firefighter Level 1 or certificate that bears the seal of IFSAC/Proboard
  4. Copy of State of Wisconsin Emergency Medical Technician Basic License
  5. Wisconsin Firefighter II Certification (Optional/Preferred)
  6. Wisconsin Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Certification (Optional/Preferred)
  7. Wisconsin Fire Apparatus Aerial/Operator (Optional/Preferred)
  8. Wisconsin Fire Officer I Certification (Optional/Preferred)
  9. Wisconsin Fire Instructor I Certification (Optional/Preferred)
  10. Wisconsin Fire Inspector Certification (Optional/Preferred)
  11. Copy of Current National Registry card for Paramedic (Optional/Preferred)
  12. Copy of valid driver’s license
  13. Copy of college diploma or transcripts (if applicable)
** Please note that items submitted will not be returned to the candidate. We do not need original
documents, but copies must be legible.  Preference points will not be given if documents are not provided.
Documents required at later steps in the process:
  1. Copy of certificate of passing the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) will be required at the time of conditional offer. The certificate must be from an agency certified by the International Fire Chief’s Association and the International Firefighter’s Association to administer the exam.  The date of the CPAT shall be no earlier than November 8, 2018.

Several locations offer the CPAT exam:

• City of West Allis Fire Department:
• Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy:
• Chippewa Valley Technical College:
For more information on the exam and other locations, please visit
For further questions regarding the hiring process or the position, contact North Shore Fire’s Administrative Coordinator, Kerry Wenzel at 414-357-0113 or Wauwatosa Fire Department’s Office Manager, Amy Barron at 414-471-8457.
The City of Wauwatosa, West Allis and the North Shore Fire Department are equal opportunity
employers. All individuals including women, minorities and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.


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