Firefighter/EMT: Scottsdale Arizona Deadline: December 5, 2017


Deadline: December 5, 2017

Salary: $54,656.00 – $73,783.00 Annually

Job Description:


DefinitionUnder general to limited supervision, responds to emergency calls, including fire, accident, medical emergency, and/or rescue situations to protect life and property.  This job class is treated as FLSA non-exempt.

Examples of Tasks

Essential Functions:  (Essential functions, may vary among positions, but may include the following tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics.  This list of tasks is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY and is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of tasks performed by all positions in this classification).


1. Performs a variety of fire suppression activities at the fire scene, including laying and connecting hose, holding nozzles and directing water streams, raising and climbing ladders, and utilizing a variety of equipment, including pike poles, smoke ejectors, and forcible entry tools.

2. Performs a variety of emergency rescue activities at fire, accident, or other emergency scenes, including administering first aide, at the Emergency Medical Technician level
3. Drives and operates a variety of fire suppression and/or emergency vehicles/equipment
4. Performs a variety of cleaning, maintenance, and minor repair tasks necessary to keep the fire station and related equipment clean, stored properly, and fully functional.
5. Attends and participates in a variety of training activities to maintain and improve the level of fire suppression and emergency medical skills and general physical conditioning
6. Prepares for/conducts fire prevention inspections for a variety of commercial and residential structures.

7. Performs other job related duties as assigned to enhance and facilitate the operations of the Fire Department.
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics:

  • Knowledge of fire suppression principles, methods, techniques, and practices.
  • Knowledge of purpose/use of various tools, equipment, and apparatus used in fire suppression, rescue, and medical assistance operations.
  • Knowledge of first aid, CPR, and other advanced medical assistance techniques.
  • Knowledge of the street names and locations in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.
  • Skill in safely and effectively driving and operating a full range of fire suppression/emergency response vehicles, apparatus, and equipment.
  • Skill in administering a variety of first aid procedures at the Emergency Medical Technician level.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other staff and the public.
  • Ability to follow complex oral and written instructions, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Ability to lift and move objects weighing more than 75 pounds.
  • Ability to respond to emergency calls at any time and under all weather or hazardous conditions.

Minimum Qualifications


  • Education & Experience: Graduation from high school or GED equivalent.  Must have State of Arizona EMT certification at time of hire.  Arizona State Firefighter I & II certification at time of hire is preferred.
  • Applicants must pass a written assessment and must possess a Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) card to be considered for hire with the SRPMIC Fire Department.  Failure to pass either of the components will be considered an automatic disqualifier
    • The written assessment must be passed with a score of 70% or better.
    • Applicants are required to provide their Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) card from a licensed agency at the time of the Written Examination, failure to do so will not allow you to move forward in the process.
  • Insurability – Must possess and maintain a valid Arizona Driver’s License and be able to meet the SRPMIC insurance standards.

Special Requirements

  • Special Requirement:  Employees in, and applicants applying for, jobs providing direct services to children are subject to the “Community Code of Ordinances, Chapter 11, “Minors”, Article X. “Investigation of Persons Working With Children”.

Prior to hire as an employee, applicants will be subject to drug and alcohol testing. Will be required to pass a pre-employment background/fingerprint check. Employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

“SRPMIC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer” Preference will be given to a qualified Community Member, then a qualified Native American and then other qualified candidate.
In order to obtain consideration for Community member/Native American preference, applicant must submit a copy of Tribal Enrollment card or CIB which indicates enrollment in a Federally Recognized Native American Tribe by one of the following methods:
1) attach to application
2)  fax (480) 362-5860
3) mail or hand deliver to Human Resources.
Documentation must be received by position closing date.
The IHS/BIA Form-4432 is not accepted.
Your Tribal ID/CIB must be submitted to HR-Recruitment-Two Waters.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE


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