Firefighter/Medic: Akron Ohio Deadline: May 1, 2020

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Deadline: May 1, 2020

Salary: $56,035.20 – $65,416.00 Annually

Job Description:


This is general duty firefighting, rescue, salvage, fire prevention, and emergency medical work.

An employee in this class serves as a member of a fire/medical company responsible for acting at fires, medical, and other emergencies to protect and preserve life and property through the use of a wide variety of skilled manual, mechanical, and basic and advanced life support techniques.

Characteristic Work

Engages in regular citizen contact.  Participates in required training, discussions, and demonstrations.  Reads, studies, and comprehends firefighting training materials; keeps up to date on pertinent firefighting and emergency medical information.  Studies and comprehends maps and diagrams.  Locates, inspects, cleans, replenishes, and properly secures firefighting tools, medical supplies, and other equipment.  Responds to fires and other service calls, and takes appropriate action.  Drives apparatus using sirens, lights, and other warning devices according to state and local regulations governing operation of emergency vehicles.  Makes forced entries into grounds and buildings.  Cuts, lifts or pries open vehicles, machinery, etc.  Selects, removes, carries, maneuvers, raises, and lowers ladders.  Creates ventilation by opening or forcing doors, ceilings, and windows and by cutting or breaking walls, ceilings and roofs.  Climbs, works from, and descends ladders carrying people or equipment.  Walks, climbs or crawls through confined spaces and smoke-filled areas.  Locates fire source and extinguishes fire using appropriate agent.  Carries or drags hose lines and equipment to and from fire scene, around obstacles, up stairs or up ladders.  Prepares hose line lays using various appliances.  Calculates pump pressure and friction loss.  Manipulates nozzle for application of water stream.  Rescues trapped victims.  Calms emotionally distressed or distraught persons and gathers relevant information.   Receives and follows orders and oral instructions under conditions of stress, noise, heat, and confusion.  Wears full protective clothing and equipment, including self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).  Performs close-up activities including securing windows and doors.  Explains and demonstrates fire prevention methods and common fire hazards.  Questions patients or others to determine nature and extent of medical emergency and begin emergency medical treatment and/or transport protocol.  Carries patient on stair chair, backboard, or improvised stretcher up or down stairs, around turns, and through openings.  Administers and records appropriate medication and dosage.  Observes, records, and reports patient’s condition and treatment.  Uses a computer or other mobile device to complete, print, and electronically distribute records and reports.  Enters medical reports into computerized systems.  Recognizes indications of potential Weapons of Mass Destruction or hazardous materials incidents and implements appropriate procedures.  Communicates with coworkers, supervisors, dispatchers, or other units in person or via radios or cell phone.  Maintains effective working relationships with coworkers under conditions of monotony and extreme stress for prolonged periods.  Typically works 24 hour shifts.  Performs related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from an accredited high school or G.E.D.  Candidate must be within the ages of 18 years through 35 years at the time of the written examination.  Candidate must meet current National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) medical standards, which include vision and hearing requirements.  NFPA vision standards include, but are not limited to:  Minimum visual acuity uncorrected – 20/100 using both eyes; corrected visual acuity with contact lenses or glasses – 20/40; binocular vision; and color perception.  Possession of a valid Ohio operator’s license.  Candidate must have the ability to safely perform the essential functions with or without reasonable accommodations.  Candidate must meet established physical agility standards. 

Ability to learn a wide variety of firefighting and paramedic duties and methods, including the inspection and operation of specialized apparatus, equipment, and tools.  Ability to acquire a knowledge of the street system and physical layout of the City response areas.  Ability to interpret maps and street guides.  Ability to climb ladders and work at considerable heights.  Ability to work effectively and make effective decisions under high stress, during traumatic events and during critical incidents.  Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.  Ability to use both computerized and manual records systems to effectively record, update, and organize information.  Ability to process large amounts of written, verbal, and/or visual information in short periods of time.  Mechanical aptitude, mature judgment, honesty, personal integrity and emotional stability.  Ability to successfully complete accredited Firefighter I & II,  EMT-Basic, and EMT-Paramedic training programs and meet all the requirements to secure certifications.  Ability to speak clearly and distinctly.  Ability to communicate effectively with others during both emergency and non-emergency conditions.  Ability to extract important information during oral communication.  Ability to prepare brief reports accurately, legibly, and concisely.  Ability to maintain effective working relationships and work with others as a team.  Ability to safely operate and drive emergency response vehicles.

Competitive Examination Process

The written examination is planned for May 15 and 16, 2020.  Specific times and location will be announced.

The selection process will consist of written tests, a physical ability test, a polygraph examination and an extensive background investigation.  A passing score must be obtained on the competitive examination in order to move forward in the selection process.  Applicants may be disqualified or terminated after appointment for providing false or incomplete information during any phase of the selection process.  Final appointment is contingent upon the candidate passing a comprehensive medical examination and psychological evaluation.

Candidates who pass the written examination may be eligible for bonus credits.  However, bonus credit cannot exceed a total of 40% of the candidate’s passing written examination grade.  All bonus credits awarded will be verified.

  • RESIDENCY:  Candidates who have been resident citizens within the corporate limits of the City of Akron continuously for at least one year immediately prior to the date of the written examination and who remain resident citizens of the City of Akron throughout the remainder of the selection process will have a 20% residency bonus added to their passing grade.
  • VETERANS:  Candidates who have served on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States of America for more than one hundred eighty (180) days and submit proof of being honorably discharged from active duty will have a bonus of 20% added to their passing grade in conformance with the Akron City Charter.  Proof of honorable discharge and dates served must be submitted with the completed application or at the written examination.
  • EDUCATION:  A candidate who has successfully completed a minimum of 32 semester hours or 48 quarter hours at an accredited college may be awarded education credit of up to 10% of his/her passing written examination grade.  Candidates must submit proof of college course work in the form of degrees or copies official transcripts with their completed applications or at the written examination.  
GRADUATION FROM AN AKRON HIGH SCHOOL – Candidates who have graduated from a high school within the corporate limits of the City of Akron may be awarded additional credit of 5% of his/her passing written examination grade.  Candidates wishing to apply for this credit must submit proof in the form of a copy of an official high school transcript or diploma with their application.
  • CURRENT CITY EMPLOYMENT  – Employees of the City of Akron who are on the payroll on the date of the written examination may be awarded additional credit of 10% of their passing written examination grade.
CERTIFIED EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS – Candidates must submit proof of their EMT-B (basic) or their EMT-P (paramedic) certification with their completed applications or at the written examination in order to receive bonus points.  Candidates certified EMT-B by the State of Ohio or out-of-state with National Registry may have a 5% bonus added to their passing grade.  Candidates who are certified EMT-P by the State of Ohio or out-of-state with National Registry may have a 15% bonus added to their passing grade.

**NOTE:  See supplemental questionnaire for methods of submitting the above documentation.

DRIVER’S LICENSE:  Candidates must possess a valid Ohio driver’s license free of revocation or suspension.  An applicant having a valid driver’s license from another state will be accepted conditionally provided that, if selected, an Ohio driver’s license must be obtained prior to appointment.  Candidates having six or more points on their driving record at the time of certification or appointment will be disqualified from further consideration. 

Candidates must meet all minimum qualifications and requirements listed in this announcement and must pass all components of the selection process to be considered for full-time appointments as probationary Firefighter/Medics.  The position is subject to random drug testing.


Email correspondence generated from our system will be sent from  To ensure you receive important communication from our office, be sure to make this address a safe sender.

The City of Akron is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, religion, age, disability or military status in employment or the provision of services.

Applicants are required to meet the minimum qualifications for the position with or without an accommodation.  If you are a qualified applicant with a disability, please notify the Department of Human Resources at least one week prior to testing if requesting a reasonable accommodation for the testing process.


How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.


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