Firefighter/Paramedic: Bloomington Illinois Deadline: June 30, 2017


Deadline: June 30, 2017

Salary: $18.96-$29.52 Per Hour

Job Description:

This is a responsible level of work in which the employee will prevent and combat fires, perform emergency medical service functions, drive and operate firefighting vehicles, mitigate hazardous materials incidents and respond to and resolve other emergency situations. The em- ployee also performs routine maintenance functions at the fire station.

Close supervision is provided by the employee’s immediate supervisor while the employ- ee is working on or at any emergency situation. General supervision is provided by the employ- ee’s immediate supervisor and other managers during the performance of routine duties. The employee is directly responsible to his or her immediate supervisor.

While working at fire, hazardous materials, or other similar emergency incidents, the em- ployee’s use of independent judgment will be limited. However, extensive use of independent judgment will be required when the employee performs emergency medical service tasks.

Equipment/Job Location:

The employee will be required to work in a variety of environments and locations. Many of these will be hazardous. Extreme weather conditions will also be encountered. Strenuous physical activity is often required.

Examples of equipment or tools used by the employee are as follows:

Crow bar
Gasoline powered saws
Large capacity water hose
Self-contained breathing apparatus
Fire extinguishers
Salvage covers
Portable and mobile radios
Pike pole
Sledge hammer
Heavy duty hydraulic extrication equipment Ropes

Essential Functions of the Job:

  1. Forcible entry into buildings and structures to resolve emergency situations.
  2. Active participation in fire suppression activities.
  3. Active participation in the performance of rescue and emergency medical activities.
  4. Ventilation of buildings and structures contaminated by hazardous atmospheres.
  5. Performance of salvage and overhaul operations at emergency scenes.
  6. Maintenance of fire equipment and facilities.

Examples of Specific Tasks of Essential Functions: (This is not an all inclusive list.)

  1. Drags hose
  2. Rolls/carries/stacks hose
  3. Moves and maneuvers ladders
  4. Climbs ladders up to 100 ft.
  5. Crawls on hands and knees
  6. Blind crawls during smoke and fire conditions
  7. Lifts and carries stretchers with fire and accident victims
  8. Walks to and from fire and accident scenes
  9. Climbs stairs
  10. Swings ax repeatedly at various levels
  11. Carries equipment up ladders
  12. Pulls hose up to roof tops via rope and hose roller
  13. Moves and controls charged hose lines for specified period of time
  14. Lifts and moves hydraulic extrication equipment
  15. Hydrants — couples to and operates
  16. Drags bodies from fires or accidents
  17. Lifts equipment in and out of building through windows
  18. Pulls down ceilings using pike pole over head


While the frequency of essential tasks may vary, the ability of each firefighter to be phys- ically capable of performing these tasks is essential to the safety of fellow firefighters and the able execution of firefighting activities.

Additional Examples of Work Performed:

  1. Conducts fire safety inspections in buildings
  2. Conducts fire extinguisher demonstrations
  3. Stands watch in the communication office of the fire station, receiving calls and dispatching vehicles and personnel.
  4. Assists in maintaining fire department buildings and grounds by mopping floors, vacuuming carpet, washing windows, mowing lawns, etc.

Required Knowledge and Abilities:
The ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
The ability to perform prolonged, strenuous physical activity under adverse conditions.
The ability to learn elementary principles of science, mechanics, mathematics, and hydraulics. The ability to climb ladders and work at heights.
The ability to learn a variety of firefighting duties and methods.
The ability to work in confined spaces.

High school diploma or equivalent; at least 21 years of age at time of examination; uncorrected vision 20/40 binocular, 20/200 in the worst eye, distinguish red from green; good physical condi- tion and moral character; must pass physical agility, vision, and written exams, background in- vestigation, oral interview, polygraph and medical exams; must agree to be fingerprinted and live or agree to live within 30 minutes report back time from Headquarters Fire Station traveling at the posted speed limits.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE

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