Firefighter/Paramedic: Broward County Florida Deadline: May 5, 2017


Deadline: May 5, 2017

Salary: $42,761.61 Annually

Job Description:


Due to the new on-line applicant tracking system, if you submitted an application in 2016 and are currently on the eligibility list, you MUST resubmit an application in order to be considered for future vacancies. 

  1. Minimum age of 18 years of age.
  2. High school diploma or equivalent.  An evaluation of foreign high school diploma may be required.
  3. Must possess current State of Florida Firefighter II certificate at time of application.
  4. Must possess current State of Florida Paramedic license at time of application.
  5. Current Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Provider certification through the American Heart Association is required.
  6. Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification through the American Heart Association is required.
  7. Active status on the current Municipal Employment Screening and Hiring (MESH) Program eligibility list is preferred.
  8. Must possess and maintain throughout employment, a valid Florida driver license without any restrictions affecting job performance. Driving history records must be submitted with your application.
  9. If ever arrested, candidates must submit an official court disposition with the application. Official court dispositions can be obtained from the Clerk of the Court in the county in which the incident occurred. Arrest records must be submitted to the Bureau of Human Resources on or before the closing date of this job announcement.  If ever arrested, court disposition records must be submitted with your application. 
  10. If claiming Veteran’s Preference, candidates must provide a DD214 Member 4 form with the application. DD214 Member 4 form must be submitted with your application.



  • A Certified Department of Motor Vehicles “entire” driving history for every state in which a driver license was held within the last 7 years. The search date must be within one month of the date the application is received in Human Resources.
  • Current State of Florida Firefighter II certificate.
  • Current State of Florida Paramedic certificate.
  • Current Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Provider through the American Heart Association.
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) through the American Heart Association.
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) through the American Heart Association or current Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals (PEPP) from the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Completion of the Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC).
  • County wide Physical Ability Test (PAT) card within the last six months from the Broward Fire Academy or Coral Springs Fire Academy which includes a swim component.

To view information on obtaining the required Certified Department of Motor Vehicles “entire” driving history, please click on the following link: Driving History Information(Download PDF reader)Nature of Work

This is technical work in the field of emergency response in the application of emergency medical care; in the prevention, control, and suppression of fire (both structural and non-structural); and in response to natural and human-made disasters. Work is public safety oriented in the protection of life and property through the application of technical knowledge, skills, and abilities in the fields of fire science, hazardous materials management, building construction, and emergency medicine. Work is of a physical nature and involves an element of personal danger. Employees must be able to act without direct supervision and to exercise independent discretion in addressing emergency situations. Work assignments and instructions are received from a supervisor who reviews work methods and results through observation, reports and discussion. Incumbents perform essential functions as outlined herein according to location and functional assignment area. Performs related work as directed.

Essential Functions/Physical Requirements

The list of essential functions, as outlined herein, is intended to be representative of the tasks performed within this classification. It is not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of an essential function does not preclude management from assigning duties not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment to the position.

Performs routine station tasks to maintain the unit’s perpetual state of operational readiness including, but not limited to, daily inspecting/testing of equipment, supplies, and materials; stocking and inventory of materials and supplies; inspecting personal protection equipment; participating in on-going training on equipment/apparatus according to proper procedures and established protocols; participating in pre-fire planning and station operational drills; repairing and maintaining equipment/apparatus; maintaining personal physical conditioning; maintaining geographical/structural/roadways awareness of station/location assignment area and associated safety hazards; and cleaning and maintenance of facilities and living quarters.

Performs fire prevention activities, and fire control and suppression tasks in both structural and non-structural incidents including, but not limited to, pre-incident planning, inspecting fire hydrants; establishing hydrant/hose connections; assisting in scene perimeter security; extinguishing and containing fires with proper agents; entering structures to protect life/property; entering confined spaces; climbing ground and aerial ladders; operating rescue apparatus; and participating in post-fire cleanup and salvage operations.

Performs emergency rescue operations in preserving life and property including, but not limited to, responding to 911 calls as part of team/unit; extricating persons from entrapments; stabilizing victims for transport; administering basic and advanced cardio life support (BCLS / ACLS); administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR); assessing extent of illness/injury and determining appropriate medical protocol(s); notifying dispatch of patient condition); and managing time constraints and environmental conditions in expediting victim transports.

Performs various administrative tasks including, but not limited to, documenting calls, data entry of incident reports, documenting patient conditions, quality assurance, and participating in post-incident analysis.

Responds as part of a unit/team to emergency scenes, natural disasters or other critical incidents including, but not limited to, hazardous materials spills, hurricanes, automotive accidents, building collapses, weapons of mass destruction, civil disturbances, explosions, water incidents, and aircraft crashes.

Functions in a public relations capacity including, but not limited to, providing fire safety information to the community; conducting presentations on fire services and emergency rescue operations; participating in demonstrations (e.g., blood pressure monitoring); installing smoke detectors; conducting station tours; and educating persons in the areas of health and wellness.

Performs related duties as directed.

Depending on functional area of assignment, additional licensure, certification, or training will apply to meet and maintain compliance with all Federal, State, Department and Insurance Service Office (ISO) training and licensure requirements  Refer to Departmental Standards and Qualifications for functional area assignment requirements.

Compliance with minimum training and standards of an accredited certification institution for Physical Agility Testing (PAT), such as the Broward Fire Academy or an equivalent testing agency. Tasks include a criticality component in responding to fire, medical, emergency scenes or other critical incidents, whereby incumbents are required to maintain physical abilities consistent with current PAT standards in order to perform essential duties as outlined herein on an as needed basis. Emphasis does not consider percentage (%) of time allocated to performing essential functions. Rather incumbents maintain PAT physical standards in order to perform essential functions at any point during compensatory time regardless of allocated percentage (%) of time to any one duty.

The following physical requirements serve as guidelines for the standards that apply:

Tasks involve the intermittent performance of extremely physically demanding work, typically involving some combination of reaching, bending, stooping, kneeling, crouching, running, climbing, and that may involve the lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling of extremely heavy objects (150+ pounds), such as in the event of rescuing or transporting a victim/patient in the performance of rescue operations. When performing fire services and/or rescue operations, tasks are performed with potential for intermittent exposure to occupational health hazards including, but not limited to, fire, extreme temperatures, wetness, humidity, inclement weather, loud noise, toxic/chemical agents, electrical currents, pathogens, fumes, gases, odors, erratic or unpredictable human behavior, weapons, and explosives. Tasks include working around moving parts, vehicles, equipment, carts, and materials handling, where extremely heightened awareness to surroundings and environment is essential in the preservation of life and property. Personal protection equipment applies in the preservation of life and property, as does special equipment including, but not limited to, various types of containment suits, self-contained breathing apparatus equipment (SCBA) and safety gear.

Broward Sheriff’s Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Broward Sheriff’s Office will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

Recruitment Information

Applicants who qualify will be subject to an extensive selection process and screening program, which may include, but not be limited to evaluation of training and experience; written test; computer based test; interview; polygraph examination; psychological evaluation; employment record, fingerprint and background check; medical examination; and drug screen. The expected duration of the selection process varies by position and could last 10 to 12 weeks. Reapplication will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

BSO is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, citizenship status, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. Veterans’ preference per Florida law.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

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