Firefighter/Paramedic: Garden Grove California Deadline: November 18, 2016



Deadline: November 18, 2016

Salary: $4,980.00 – $7,008.00 Monthly

Job Description:

The City of Garden Grove is a positive, team-oriented organization with a commitment to providing exceptional customer service to its community. Garden Grove is a friendly city, rich in diversity. If you enjoy a busy, positive work environment and want the chance to contribute to the quality of life for a whole community, this job may be the right fit for you!

We are presently accepting applications for Firefighter Paramedic. We anticipate creating an eligibility list from this recruitment that may be used to fill future vacancies for this classification. Apply now!

Garden Grove Fire Department provides fire prevention, suppression, emergency medical service, hazardous materials release mitigation, and disaster preparedness coordination for a highly diverse city population of over 171,000. We have seven (7) stations, with seven (7) engines, one (1) Truck Company, and one (1) Battalion Commander on duty. The Department responds to approximately 11,000 calls per year. Our Paramedic program has one-squad, four (4) Paramedic Assessment Engines, two (2) Paramedic Engines, and responds to approximately 8,000 medical aid calls per year.

Example of Duties:

Responds to fire and rescue alarms, hazardous materials spills and other emergency calls to ensure protection of life and property

Participates in fire prevention inspections, training activities and station and equipment maintenance

Responds to medical aid calls

Provides medical aid and life saving procedures

Performs other fire service-related work as assigned

1) Graduation from High School or the equivalent (a GED is acceptable),

2) Graduation from a California State Board of Fire Services-Approved Basic Fire Academy,

3) Possession of Paramedic Certification.

Successfully completed a validated physical abilities test (CPAT or Biddle) within twelve months prior to the deadline date (from November 18, 2015). Applicants must be in excellent physical condition, as follows: bilateral vision correctable to 20/20; physically able to perform all tasks required of a Firefighter, including lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying over 100 pounds; climbing, reaching, bending, kneeling, twisting, crawling, working at various heights, and able to withstand exposure to heat, hazardous fumes, various gases, dust, and noise.

Applicants must possess a valid California Class C driver’s license and an acceptable driving record prior to and throughout employment. Candidates must submit a CA DMV H6 printout that covers a 10-year driving history. An acceptable driving record is one that has three (3) or fewer DMV points issued within the past five (5) years, and no more than one (1) DUI within the past ten (10) years. Candidates must be able to obtain a California DMV Firefighter endorsement within the 12-month probationary period.

Applicants possessing the ability to speak Spanish, Vietnamese, or Korean are highly desirable.

Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational (LARRO) Certification is highly desirable.

Online applications can be completed by visiting: Questions regarding this position may be either sent to:, or asked in-person at the Human Resources Department located at City Hall, 11222 Acacia Parkway, Garden Grove CA. City Hall is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and every other Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. City Hall will be closed on 10/28/16, 11/11/16, and 11/14/16.

The application filing deadline is November 18, 2016, 5:00 p.m.

The selection process will consist of:

1) Application Screening

2) Multiple-Choice Written Test – Testing conducted through National Testing Network (see section below on “Written Test – National Testing Network”)

3) A Panel Interview – TENTATIVELY scheduled for the week of January 30, 2017 – February 3, 2017.

Regardless of the notification preference the candidate selected when creating the application (i.e., paper or email), APPLICANTS WILL RECEIVE COMMUNICATION THROUGH EMAIL ONLY. Applicants should be diligent in checking their email and spam mail a few days after the deadline as all notices regarding their status in the current recruitment will be emailed.

Candidates who may need accommodations during the selection process must contact the Human Resources Department at at least one week prior to any test dates.

If you have any questions regarding this recruitment, please contact the Human Resources Department at

Online application and accompanying attachments must be submitted online at the time of application submission. Please ATTACH ONLY THE REQUIRED APPLICATION MATERIALS to your online application. Failure to submit all required application materials may result in disqualification. The City is NOT accepting printed copies of applications or documents.

Your complete application packet must include:

      1. YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION – Applications must be completely filled out. A resume cannot substitute for some of the information. Be sure to detail any education, training, or other relevant coursework that would make you a particularly strong candidate.
      2. HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA or equivalent – Copy of your diploma, G.E.D., or unofficial transcripts. Associate’s degree or higher may substitute for the high school diploma or equivalent. Please attach a copy of your Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree if you have one. Highest degree completed preferred.
      3. CALIFORNIA STATE BOARD OF FIRE SERVICES APPROVED BASIC FIRE ACADEMY CERTIFICATE – Fire Academy must be a CA-accredited academy (as recognized by the California’s Office of the State Fire Marshal –
      4. VALID PARAMEDIC CARD – Documentation of passing the National Registry Test is acceptable if candidate does not yet possess the Paramedic card.
      5. PHYSICAL ABILITY TEST SCORES (BIDDLE or CPAT) – Scores must be on letterhead with testing agency logo and signature or a copy of CPAT card. Scores are valid 12 months from administration and must be valid by the deadline date of November 18, 2016. The City does not reimburse candidate for expenses incurred for this exam.
      6. DMV H6 PRINTOUT – The H6 report is a 10-year history of the candidate’s driver’s license. Only a H6 printout from the DMV office is acceptable. A nominal fee is required to obtain a driver’s license printout. The driver’s license printout must have been issued by the DMV office between August 2016 and November 2016. A complete DMV H6 report must include “END” at the end of the report. Incomplete reports will not be accepted. Candidates are responsible for ensuring the DMV issues the correct H6 report. Insurance Company or printouts acquired via the Internet are not acceptable. Candidates who have lived or live outside CA within the past 10 years must submit a 10-year driving history report from each state the candidate has lived in the for the past 10 years (2006-2016)
      8. LARRO CERTIFICATION – This is highly desirable. Please attach a copy of the certificate.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  DO NOT attach any other documents or additional certificates other than those requested above. You should attach only the requested documents. Submission of additional documents other than those requested will result in disqualification.

Application packets will be reviewed very carefully, and only those candidates who appear to have the best qualifications will be invited to continue in the selection process. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee an invitation to further testing.

The Garden Grove Fire Department offers full written testing services for the position of Firefighter Paramedic through National Testing Network, Inc. To sign up for testing, candidates can visit, “Find Job” > “Firefighter Jobs” and then sign up for the Garden Grove Fire Department. Candidates can then sign up for a test date and location or submit an existing valid NTN firefighter exam score. Candidates are responsible for sending their scores to the City through NTN’s website. Please note: exam scores will be sent to the City approximately three (3) days after the test administration. Candidates should plan accordingly to allow adequate time for exam scoring and delivery by the deadline. The City must be in receipt of all scores by January 9, 2017, 5:00 p.m. Failure to complete the NTN test process prior to the deadline may result in disqualification from the recruitment process. Candidates may submit existing test scores, but test scores must be valid on the deadline of January 9, 2017, 5:00 p.m.

Candidates must submit an application and successfully pass application screening in order for their scores to be considered by the City.  

If you have any questions regarding the test, please contact the NTN Customer Support Line at (866) 563-3882. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST).

What to expect at the website:

      • Opportunity to take online practice tests at
      • Schedule your own convenient test time. Tests are offered multiple times a week, including Saturdays.
      • Take high quality job simulation tests in a standardized, fair testing environment.Upon completion of the NTN firefighter test, candidate scores are automatically forwarded to the Garden Grove Human Resources Department. Candidates must pass the application screening process and receive a passing score in order to continue in the examination process.

Prior to appointment, selected candidates must pass:

      • An extensive background check
      • A complete pre-employment medical examination, including drug and alcohol-screening test
      • Psychological examination

Candidates who applied for the Firefighter Paramedic position with the City of Garden Grove in the past and did not pass the interview, must wait twelve (12) months from when they interviewed to re-apply for the position.

The City has adopted a Nepotism Policy that may affect the status of your application. Please refer to the Garden Grove Municipal Code 2.44.440 Nepotism Policy for more information.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE

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