Firefighter/Paramedic: Greendale Wisconsin Deadline: May 10, 2019

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Deadline: May 10, 2019

Salary: $17.90 – $26.10 Hourly

Job Description:

The Firefighter/Paramedic is responsible for fire suppression, fire inspection, vehicle and fire station maintenance, hazardous material response, rescue operations and emergency medical services.  The Village is recruiting for a 56 hour per week Firefighter/Paramedic position.  The 56 hour per week position would work 24 hour shifts.

Pursuant to Collective Bargaining Agreement in effect.  Resides within the corporate limits or within (15) miles of the corporate limits of the Village of Greendale, within one month after completion of probationary period.

This position requires a 18-month probationary period.

Applicant will be required to submit to a medical examination consistent with the requirements of the position, after an offer of employment and prior to appointment. This medical exam is designed to reveal any medical condition that might put the firefighter at increased risk to self or others as a result of certain exposures or activities and to exhibit freedom from any physical, emotional or mental condition which adversely affects the performance of duties as a firefighter in the essential functions of employment, with reasonable accommodation.

All candidates will be fingerprinted and a record check made of local, state or federal authorities. A conviction is not an automatic bar to employment.

Career Development

  • Wisconsin Fire Inspector 1 Certification (NFPA-1031) (New employees must obtain on their own within 3 years as a condition of employment)
  • Wisconsin Firefighter II Certification (NFPA-1001) (New employees must obtain on their own within 3 years as a condition of employment)
  • Wisconsin Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Certification (NFPA-1002), (New employees must obtain on their own as a condition of employment)
  • Wisconsin Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator-Aerial Certification (NFPA-1002), (New employees must obtain on their own within 3 years as a condition of employment)
  • Attends seminars/classes recommended by the Fire Chief.
  • Maintain adequate firefighter proficiency in all assigned areas per department training standards, including all certifications/licenses throughout entire career.

 Examples Of Essential Duties:

  • Responds to alarms as a member of a firefighting company and performs a variety of firefighting functions, as the situation demands.
  • Operates and performs maintenance checks on all Fire Department vehicles and equipment.
  • Responds as a member of a medical team to bring basic or advanced emergency medical care to the citizens of the community.
  • Prepares written reports and maintains records under supervision of the company officer.
  • Participates in daily training exercises and classroom lectures.
  • Conducts fire inspections in various occupancies in the village.
  • Perform duties as a Fire Apparatus Driver and Pump Operator, when assigned.
  • Performs duties as a certified EMT-Paramedic or Basic according to criteria and standards set forth by the department, when assigned.
  • Responsible for cleanliness of station and maintenance of apparatus, tools, equipment and all other fire department property.
  • Conducts demonstrations, tours and public speeches on fire safety, fire prevention, CPR, fire extinguishers, first aid, and other subjects to the public.
  • Accomplish such other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

 Typical Qualifications:


  • U.S. Citizen
  • High school diploma, or equivalent
  • Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application
  • Valid Wisconsin driver’s license, or ability to obtain, good driving record
  • Good physical condition
  • Wisconsin Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic license (nationally registered preferred).
  • Wisconsin Firefighter I Certification (NFPA-1001)
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • An ability to work a 24 hour, including weekends and holidays
  • Clear and concise speech
  • Ability to react quickly and effectively to stressful situations
  • Ability to handle several tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to perform essential functions of this position
  • Ability to use all standard fire service equipment

 Supplemental Information:

  • Effective communication, oral and written, with supervisors, peers and public.
  • Understanding and following work rules and suggested operating guidelines.
  • Read, write, add and subtract.
  • Knowledge of national, state and local laws and fire/safety codes.
  • Organize, direct and coordinate written and oral reports.
  • Skilled in report writing, computer usage, driving and two-way radio usage.
  • Knowledge of fire protection systems, water supply, building construction, natural and man-made disasters, fire control and extinguishment and combustible and flammable materials.
  • Skills in firefighting, EMS, fire inspection and public relations.
Equipment Used
  • Computer terminal, basic office equipment, telephone and two-way radio.
  • Measuring devices.
  • Power tools, hand tools, chain saws, shovels, brooms, ladders and exhaust fans.
  • Car, fire truck and ambulance.
  • Patient restraints, first aid equipment, oxygen, electronics test equipment, general medical equipment and patient lifting devices.
  • Breathing apparatus, steel tip boots, hearing and eye protection, firefighting turn-out clothing and hazardous chemical clothing

Physical Requirements

  • Standing, walking and sitting.
  • Stooping, kneeling, crouching and crawling.
  • Running, swimming, grappling, climbing, balancing and bending/twisting.
  • Reaching, feeling, talking and hearing.
  • Meet the medical standards established by the N.F.P.A. 1582 and the medical testing facility.
  • Lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling: 100 pounds or more.
  • Handling, grasping and fingering: fire house, ladders, performing CPR, utilizing patient lifting devices, etc.
  • Wearing of self contained breathing apparatus while performing firefighting duties.

Work Environment

  • Workplace environment that may be confined.
  • Exposure to extreme cold and normal, or hot and normal temperature changes.
  • Contact with water or liquids.
  • Exposure to loud noise with a minimum of 90 decibels and vibrations from tools, equipment, machinery, etc.
  • Exposure to hazardous conditions such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, burns, explosives, heights, physical injury and fast moving vehicles.
  • Exposure to atmospheric conditions such as fumes, gases, noxious odors, dust and poor ventilation.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.


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