Firefighter/Paramedic: Longboat Key florida Deadline February 29, 2016

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Deadline: February 29, 2016

Salary: $51,309.44 Per Year

Job Description:

The Town of Longboat Key is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer, who provides hiring preference to eligible veterans and their family members, and has a strong drug free workplace and alcohol abuse policy.

Position Title:          Firefighter Paramedic                                 Closing Date:  Until Filled

Date Posted:            November 18, 2015                                     Pay Grade: 214

Salary Exempt:       $51,309.44

Probation Period:   One Year

Position: 20064, 20059, 20056, 20058 AND 20047

The Town of Longboat Key is accepting applications for five Full-Time Firefighter Paramedics in our Fire Department through the NTN website only . An employment physical and drug-screening test will be required.

Applicants must have FireTEAM Testing and NTN issued CPAT – all applicants must apply through NTN at the following website. A Town of Longboat Key employment application must be completed and submitted to be eligible for an interview.


Under the direction of the Fire Chief and the supervision of the Station Officer, responsible for the protection of life and property through the combating, extinguishing, and preventing of fires.


This is skilled, specialized work of varied difficulty in preventing, suppressing and extinguishing fires; performing rescue and emergency medical services and/or performing special assignment duties in support of fire-rescue operations.


  • Responds to alarms and performs duties on the alarm scene as well as in the station as assigned and supervised by the officer in charge.
  • Maintains a thorough knowledge of basic fire fighting curriculum and skills.
  • Directly responsible to the medical control hospital on the scene of a medical emergency.
  • Responsible at the scene of a medical emergency, promptly treats any sick or injured person and/or oversees fire fighters and EMTs in the treatment of any sick or injured person.
  • Performs Paramedic skills and procedures in emergency situations, as applicable under Florida statues.

o               Control the scene of illness or injury.

o               Assess the patient’s condition.

o               Establish and maintain a patent airway.

o               Ventilate the patient.

o               Administer oxygen to the patient.

o               Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

o               Control assessable bleeding.

o               Treat shock.

o               Treat poisoning victims.

o               Dress and bandage wounds.

o               Splint fractures.

o               Recognize and treat medical emergencies.

o               Recognize and treat environmental emergencies.

o               Provide obstetrical assistance.

o               Care for newborn and premature infants.

o               Execute proper rescue and extrication techniques.

o               Recognize and interpret an EKG.

o               Administer D.C. electrical counter shock (defibrillate/cardio version).

o               Administer intravenous electrolyte or glucose solutions.

o               Perform gastric suction by intubation.

o               Perform esophageal intubations.

*           Administers any of the following classes of drugs:

o               Antiarrhythmic agents

o               Vagolytic agents

o               Choronotropic agents

o               Alkalinizing agents

o               Vasopressor agents

o               Diuretics

o               Narcotic antagonists

o               Anti-convulsive agents

o               Analgesic agents

o               Other drugs as deemed necessary by the advance life support medical director, subject to the provisions of applicable Florida statutes.

  • Maintains American Heart Association CPR Basic Rescuer card.
  • Maintains American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life support provider certification.
  • Maintains Paramedic certification.
  • Insures that deficiencies in ambulance and equipment are reported to supervisor.
  • Ensures protective gear clothing, tools, and apparatus are in proper working order.
  • Report to work as required by the Disaster Plan Recovery Guide and regular attendance during normal work schedule other than excused or work-related absences.
  • Attend Pump Operations and Hydraulic  class provided by department
  • Attends mandatory training
  • Performs Annual Fire Inspections and Pre-plan Assignments.
  • Any other functions deemed essential by the Town and communicated to the employee by his/her supervisor or department head.


Every incidental duty connected with this position cannot be specified in the job description and an employee, at the discretion of the Town, may be required to perform duties that are not included in this job description.


Successful completion of the probationary period will be certified by the Fire Chief or his designee, who will base his recommendation on employee’s performance as evaluated by the immediate supervisor (Lieutenant and/or Field Training Officer, FTO) and Deputy Chief.  The employee is evaluated, tested, graded, disciplined and commended by the immediate supervisor in addition to the FTO and administration of the department.

Ability to develop and demonstrate knowledge of streets, hydrants and buildings within the Town.  Be able to utilize safety equipment properly, personal protective gear, clothing, and, observe standard departmental safety procedures.

Ability to develop and demonstrate knowledge of auxiliary extinguishing equipment and devices including sprinkler, standpipe systems, fire alarm systems, etc.  Develop ability to recognize potential fire hazards and possible extinguishment problems while on inspections.

Is alert to hazardous conditions and takes precautions to prevent accidents to himself and others.

The employee must exhibit the degree of initiative and ingenuity required to satisfactorily perform reasonable training, work, and alarm assignments.  Must be capable of executing written and oral instructions with a minimum degree of correction required.

Shall be familiar and obey the Town Personnel Rules and Regulations as well as departmental General Orders and Directives.

Ability to demonstrate cooperative working relationship within the department as well as with the public and reflect a positive identification as a member of the fire service.  A high degree of physical fitness is a definite advantage towards the successful completion of the training objectives.

Competent in use of ambulances, bio-medical communication equipment, cardiac monitors, and other associated emergency medical pieces of equipment.

Candidate must successfully complete (pass):

  • swim 100 yards (untimed)
  • tread water for five (5) minutes
  • EMS Scenario

Must be able to comply with FS 633including but not limited to firefighting, apparatus/pumping operations.

*           Use of forcible entry tools

*           Donning and use of protective breathing apparatus

*           Administration of CPR

*           Tying off and hoisting of tools, ladders, and appliances

*           Tactical advancement of charged hose lines into a structure, up a ladder into an upper floor window, up/down a stairway

*           Carry and raise any ground ladder

*           Climb any ground or aerial ladder

*           Bring an injured person down any ground or aerial ladder

*           Perform ventilation

*           Remove injured persons from hostile environments

*           Perform overhaul procedures

*           Drive apparatus and rescue vehicles

*           Operate fire apparatus

*           Operate marine craft

*           Operate communications devices (radio, telephone)

*           Operate computer keyboards

*           Read written orders


Work is performed in a variety of locations, inside and outside, as required.  Emergency situations may require a return to work or longer than normal hours.


REQUIRED Florida Paramedic certification.  Florida Fire fighters’ Standards certification. valid Florida Drivers License, Class E endorsement.  (MVR background check).

Must possess/obtain EVOC card (16 hours).  Must be able to successfully negotiate the basic training program as conducted by the the department including but not limited to a successful completion of the Paramedic Field Training Program.

Ability to develop and maintain a thorough knowledge of basic fire fighting skills and knowledge.

Hepatitis B vaccination, proof of same, or signed Acknowledgement declining the vaccination (see attached Information to Employees – Hepatitis B) must be provided prior to assuming Town duties.

The Town is a Drug Free Workplace, in compliance with the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988, in § 440.102, FS and Rules 59A-24 F.A.C (Florida Administrative Code).  State and federal laws and regulations may subject certain employees to additional drug testing requirements. Any employee who violates the program is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

City’s Website Click HERE





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