Firefighter/Paramedic: Manitowoc Wisconsin

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Salary: $3,971.00 Monthly

Job Description:

Summary of Job

The person filling this position performs firefighting, emergency medical services, and other emergency response duties, as well as other tasks relevant to the fire department mission.  In addition, after meeting qualifications, this person may serve as Acting Motor Pump Operator, Acting Lieutenant.


  • Response to calls from the public for assistance involving a wide variety of situations; all aspects of fire suppression and fire rescue, emergency medical care of the sick or injured, provision of specialized rescue service, including confined space rescue, trench rescue, rope rescue, ice rescue, water rescue, and boat rescue, driving and operating emergency and non-emergency vehicles
  • Effective communication with patients and physicians in emergency medical care situations.
  • Operation of various large and small hand and machine-operated tools (hydraulic and mechanical), including, but not limited to: hydraulic extrication tools, axes, prying tools, pike poles, trench rescue shoring jacks, emergency medical care equipment, confined space rescue tripod and winches, hazardous materials spill control devices, ventilation fans, chain saws, and circular saws
  • Inspection and maintenance of departmental equipment.
  • Various physically-demanding tasks related to firefighting, rescue, and response to requests for assistance requiring, but not limited to: lifting of heavy objects or persons, forcing entry, carrying heavy firefighting equipment, attacking fires by dragging and controlling heavy water-filled fire hoses, dragging or carrying incapacitated persons, working in full firefighting and hazardous materials protective equipment and self-contained breathing apparatus, climbing ladders while carrying equipment, overhaul of structures by pulling building components apart, working in zero-visibility in hot and smoky environments while wearing heavy and constrictive protective equipment, working in water while wearing flotation protective equipment.
  • Participation in mandatory medical monitoring program and physical fitness program to assure ability to complete various physically-demanding tasks.
  • Inspection of real and personal properties for compliance with fire codes.
  • Ability to participate in all department training programs.
  • Ability to take citizen groups on tours of fire stations and explain basic function of various pieces of equipment.
  • Participation on hazardous materials response team.
  • Knowledge of hazardous materials response and control techniques.
  • Basic maintenance activities related to upkeep of stations and grounds, including but not limited to: cutting with walk-behind power mower, painting of walls and ceilings, sweeping and mopping, washing walls, shoveling snow and using walk-behind snow blower, washing windows, replacing light bulbs, polishing, stripping, waxing floors with electric floor buffer.
  • Effective verbal and written communications with the public and coworkers
  • Answer department phones effectively and professionally.  Take down essential information to send appropriate department resources and or transfer calls into department voice mail.
  • Provision of basic public education programs for adults and children, including but not limited to talks on fire reaction behavior, fire safety measures, use of fire extinguishers, and fire prevention techniques.
  • Other related duties assigned by a chief officer
  • Counseling of juvenile fire setters
  • Investigation of fire origin and cause


Education: High School graduate or equivalency, preferred is an Associate or Bachelor Degree in Fire/EMS related field, hazardous materials technician (mandatory if ordered by Chief)

Experience: Experience working on teams

Certifications/Licenses: Paramedic Wisconsin certification or eligibility for certification as a paramedic in the State of Wisconsin, valid Wisconsin Driver’s License, valid CPAT certification within the past 6 months an or within 60 days of passing the written exam is required, current WI Firefighter I Certification, Wisconsin Fire Fighter II, Wisconsin Aerial and or Pumper Driver Operator Certification, NIMS ICS Certification 700 or 800, 100 and 200 is preferred but not required.

Other Requirements:Ability to pass job-related written test, minimum age of 21 years, ability to pass job-related medical exam(s), ability to pass drug test, above-average written and verbal communication skills, ability to achieve certification as Firefighter II, ability to achieve certification as Driver Operator (Pumper and Aerial Apparatus)

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

This position must possess the knowledge of incident command systems, fire suppressions methods, tactics, and techniques; national, state, and local laws, codes, and ordinances pertaining to fire prevention, suppression, safety, hazardous materials, and emergency medical services; geographical, water supply, street, and structural features of the City; special life and property exposures and hazards; fire investigation and fire scene preservation techniques; organization, staffing; delivery of emergency medical service, water supply and fixed fire detection and protection systems; building construction as it relates to the fire service; fire behavior; characteristics of flammable liquids, gases, chemicals, and combustible materials; knowledge of and experience with special rescue techniques, including ice, water, trench, confined space, dive, and rope rescue; fire inspection and code enforcement techniques; fire department chain of command process; and agencies which assist the fire department under various circumstances, e.g. Department of Natural Resources, Emergency Management, Police, Sheriff Department, Mutual Aid Departments, and EMS agencies.  This position must also possess the ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing; possess basic mathematical skills sufficient to pass mathematical portion of job-related entry-level written test with emphasis on basic algebra; the ability to do calculations in formulas related to fire service hydraulics; perform medication calculations as related to current EMS protocols; and complete various written or computerized reports.


How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.


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