Firefighter/Paramedic: Merrill Wisconsin Deadline: April 1, 2019

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Deadline: April 1, 2019

Salary: $60,997.94 Annually

Job Description:

Position Objectives

The incumbent performs technical work providing advanced emergency medical services (Paramedic) for patients who experience medical problems in the field. Performs fire prevention and suppression functions, answers emergency calls, and operates and maintains Fire/EMS Department equipment, apparatus, and facilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performs in the capacity of Firefighter/Paramedic.
  • Provides Advanced Life Support and other EMS stabilization procedures.
  • Performs rescue from potentially life-threatening situations.
  • Assists in the protection of property via fire-suppression and fire related activities.
  • Assists with hazardous materials incident responses.
  • Prepares accurate records and reports as required for EMS and fire related responses.
  • Operates Fire and EMS emergency equipment and vehicles as required.
  • Provides routine maintenance of vehicles and equipment related to the City Fire/EMS service.
  • Provides maintenance of buildings and grounds related to the City Fire/EMS service.
  • Replenishes supplies and materials as needed for City Fire/EMS service.
  • Performs fire and safety inspections/investigations of property as required.
  • Assists in providing EMS, Fire, and general Safety training to the public.
  • Performs other tasks and activities assigned relating to Fire/EMS Services.
  • This position primarily responds to medical emergencies as part of an EMS team, operates the emergency vehicle in a safe manner; evaluates the situation; initiates emergency measures; secures advice, direction or assistance through the use of telecommunication equipment; maintains communication with medical control during the transportation to the medical facility; operates emergency medical equipment; and maintains patient care while in transit.
  • Performs emergency medical care by protocol or standing order when other means of communication are not available or required, exercising personal judgement based on customary practice in treating or stabilizing the patient.
  • Upon arrival at the medical facility, continues techniques until relieved; communicates to proper personnel the patient’s condition and measures used; completes necessary records and reports relating to the situation; performs tasks requested by hospital personnel to improve or stabilize the patient’s condition.
  • Other duties as may be necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of this position.

Minimum Requirements

Education and Experience:

State of Wisconsin or an IFSAC accredited agency Firefighter I ; State of Wisconsin licensed EMT – Paramedic. Candidates must have a current CPAT certification. Candidates must also possess a valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record.  Residency requirements apply within 90 days of successful completion of probation period.  Previous firefighter and/or EMS experience is a plus, but not necessary.  Additional certifications and formal education (Associate and Bachelor degrees) are also preferred.


  •          Thorough knowledge of modern fire fighting methods and equipment and the application of firefighting and fire prevention practices;
  •          Possess good judgment, thoroughness, and dependability;
  •          Must be licensed as a Wisconsin EMT – Paramedic;
  •          Incumbents are required to maintain appropriate levels of licensure, certifications and proficiency.
  •          Extensive knowledge of emergency medical care and advanced life support techniques;
  •          Working knowledge of current firefighting techniques;
  •          Ability to work cooperatively with other emergency services personnel under hazardous or stressful conditions;
  •          Ability to assist in managing emergency medical services incidents making appropriate decisions in regard to patient care;
  •          Ability to assist in managing emergency fire incidents making appropriate decisions in regard to fire suppression and property protection.      
  •        Must be in and maintain good physical condition.
  •        Must successfully certify as State of Wisconsin Certified Firefighter II, Driver/Operator – Pumper and Aerial, and Fire Inspector I.


Candidates are required to pass a background check and drug screening.  A physical examination is required once job is offered.  Physical examination is paid for by the City.  Until physical examination has been conducted and records turned over to the City of Merrill, applicant chosen is not officially hired.  Successful applicant must possess a valid driver’s license upon starting in this position, and obtain a Wisconsin driver’s license within 60 days of hire.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.


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