Firefighter/Paramedic: Palm Harbor Florida Deadline: March 18, 2016

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Deadline: March 18, 2016

Salary: $46,302 (Top out after 10 years $68,852)

Job Description:

Palm Harbor Fire Rescue is currently hiring for the position of Firefighter/Paramedic.  The ideal candidate will be certified as both a firefighter and paramedic.  Candidates that are certified firefighters and that are currently enrolled in paramedic school are also encouraged to apply. 

FireTEAM and CPAT testing is required for this position. 

Palm Harbor Fire Rescue requires the candidate PHQ.  You can access the questionnaire through your candidate account.  The PHQ must be completed by the closing date or you may not be considered to continue in the process.

All application requirements must be completed by March 18, 2016.

Salary Information:

$46,302 (Top out after 10 years $68,852)

Other Financial Incentives Available

Benefit Information:

Holiday Pay: Up to 264 hours annually

Retirement: PHSFCD Pension: 1% employee contribution, 6 year vesting, 3% multiplier per year, 25 years or age 55. Optional 3.5% or 4% multiplier with an increased employee contribution (see web site for further information. Deferred Compensation program available).

Sick Leave: Earn 144 hours per year, no maximum, sick leave incentives available (up to 50% payout of accumulated time after 25 years)

Post Employment Health Plan: Annual contribution with additional conversion opportunities

Annual Leave: Earn 144 hours (6 shifts) per year – first 3 years

Education Leave: 72 hours annually

Educational Incentives Per Labor Agreement:

Florida Fire Officer I (obtained prior to 11/18/2013: $50.00/month

Florida Fire Officer II (obtained after 11/18/2013): $50.00/month

Florida Fire Inspector: $50.00/month

Florida Fire Instructor (one only): $30.00/month

Florida Fire Investigator: $50.00/month

Florida Apparatus Pump Operator: $37.00/month

Health Insurance:  

Single coverage – $1,300 deductible (Department HSA contributions available) – Department pays 100% of the firefighter’s health insurance coverage.

Family coverage – $2,600 deductible (Department HSA contributions available) –Department pays 90% of the dependent health insurance coverage.

Dental Insurance: $50 deductible, department pays 90% of dependent coverage

Other Insurance:

$75,000 Accident and Specified Sickness/Disease Coverage

$20,000 AD&D (on and off duty)

$15,000 Life, doubles for accidental death (on and off duty)

Long Term Disability

Annual Physical Examination

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Fitness/Wellness Program with Fitness Incentive

Department Information: Palm Harbor Fire Rescue is a four station ALS non-transport provider located in northern Pinellas County. Palm Harbor is 20 miles northwest of Tampa, 30 miles north of St. Petersburg and is located between Dunedin, to the south, and Tarpon Springs to the north. Palm Harbor Fire Rescue serves the unincorporated communities of Palm Harbor, Ozona, and Crystal Beach. The district encompasses 20 square miles and serves a population of over 60,000.

Palm Harbor Fire Rescue is a Drug-Free Workplace, EOE, and requires that new employees be non-users of tobacco both on and off duty.

Veterans’ Preference:  PHFR provides preference in initial appointment to eligible veterans and spouses of veterans.

Job Requirements

US Citizen: Yes

High School Grad/GED: Yes

Valid FLORIDA State Driver’s License: Yes, State of Florida with

Necessary Certifications:

State of Florida Certified Firefighter State of Florida Certified Paramedic (or currently in paramedic school)



Overview of Position:

Full-Time professional firefighter and medical practitioner whose general responsibilities include, but are not limited to, combating and extinguishing fires, rescue, first-aid, basic life support and advanced life support procedures as appropriate, protection of life and property, prevention of fire through enforcement of district, county, state and federal laws pertaining to fire prevention, and the maintenance of department equipment, apparatus, and properties.

Reporting Responsibilities:

Reports to: Lieutenant

Supervises: None

Areas of Responsibility:

Responds to all Incidents with company as required.

Performs scene activities such as, but not limited to, directing fire streams, raising and lowering ladders, ventilation, search, rescue, overhaul, and EMS functions.

Assists the Lieutenant with the planning of activities of the crew.

Attends company drills and recertification classes in the station and throughout the district and county.

Drives and Operates all departmental equipment and apparatus.

Prepares and provides written and/or oral reports during and after incidents, broken/lost equipment forms, accident forms, and injury forms.

With company, makes periodic inspections of buildings within the district for compliance with fire prevention laws and practices.

Performs apparatus, equipment, and station inspections to ensure proper operation and readiness.

May represent the department at Municipal, County, and State meetings as assigned.

Ability to think clearly and use independent judgment in routine and non-routine situations which may occur, some involving hazardous and/or high stress situations.

Practice Departmental/Divisional Policies and Procedures.

Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of Departmental Policies and Procedures.

May assume the duties of a Lieutenant in an acting capacity per Labor Agreement, Article 38, Acting in a Higher Capacity.

Performs other job related duties that are consistent with assigned responsibilities.


Completes assigned tasks within and around the station.

Keeps Lieutenant fully informed on all matters pertaining to the department as well as its needs and requirements.

Keeps subordinates informed of changes in areas such as, memo’s, safety concerns, and on all matters that concern them.

Maintains necessary records, reports on all assigned duties.

Conducts emergency and non-emergency operations as assigned to include but not limited to firefighting, disaster relief, hazardous materials control, extrication, and medical emergencies.

May requests additional resources for control of an incident as required.

Participates in pre-incident and post-incident analysis with company.

Maintains discipline and positive working environment within assigned personnel.

May coordinate special projects essential to operations as assigned.

May present reports, both written and oral, to superior officers and crew.

Attends work on a continuous and regular basis.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Non-Essential Job Functions:

Attends and is involved in departmental committee meetings such as, but not limited to, safety, training, apparatus, and building construction.

How to Apply: The full job description and application can be found HERE.

Department’s Website Click HERE

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