Firefighter: Fairfield, Illinois Deadline June 16, 2015

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Deadline: June 16, 2015

Salary: $43,434.36 Per Year

Job Requirements:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Have a high school or GED Diploma
  • Be at least 21 years of age, but must not have passed his or her 35th Birthday before Initial Examination, except as otherwise provided by statute;
  • Must successfully complete application package.
  • Be of good moral character, of temperament habits, of sound health, and be physically able to perform the duties of Firefighter.

How to Apply: Application and instructions must be picked up between 8:00 A.M., and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday at the office of the City Clerk, City Hall, 109 N.E. 2nd St., Fairfield, Illinois 62837, beginning May 22, 2015. Applications and instructions will not be mailed. Fully completed applications must be returned with all required documents by 4:00 P.M., June 16, 2015, at the office of the City Clerk at the above address stated


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