Lateral Firefighter/EMT/AEMT/Paramedic Memphis Fire Department / Deadline: 11/13/2021

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Memphis Fire Department
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Lateral Firefighter/EMT/AEMT/Paramedic
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Hiring age 19-45. 2 years of full-time or 5 years volunteer experience. Firefighter 1 and 2, EMT/AEMT/Paramedic License.

No written exam. The hiring process for laterals: interview, physical agility, medical screening, psychological screening, drug screening, and background check.

8-week lateral academy: 1-week processing, 2 weeks EMS, and 5 weeks fire, This academy is with lateral instructors to learn the Memphis Fire system.

Starting pay: FF/EMT or FF/AEMT $56,787 one year top out pay $58,800
Starting pay: FF/Medic $61,898 one year top out pay $64,0092
All firefighters will receive 3% next July and a 9% bonus for years 2022 and 2023.

Firefighter Medics ride ALS Engines and Trucks. No 24-hour shifts on ALS Ambulances.
57 Fire stations that cover 324 square miles. Hiring 45 laterals for a class that will start in early 2022.
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