FIREFIGHTER/EMT – Flint, Genesee County, MI – Deadline 09/05/2014

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Position Description


Class Title:                               Firefighter/EMT Job Code Number:                             F1-Q-011
Established: Bargaining Unit:                                Local 352

Extended Posting Deadline: September 5, 2014 @ 11:59 p.m.  

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Protects life and property by combating, extinguishing, and preventing fires; maintains Fire Department property, equipment, apparatus, and quarter in good condition; performs related work as required.
SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the direct supervision of a Sergeant or a Fire Officer of higher rank who assigns and reviews work for conformance with departmental orders and regulations.

  1. Responds to alarms with Fire Company.
  2. Enters burning buildings with hose lines, operates nozzles and sprays a stream of water on a fire as directed; operates chemical hose, hand fire extinguishers and similar equipment as required.
  3. Raises, lowers, and climbs ladders; ventilates burning buildings to carry off smoke and gases.
  4. Removes persons from danger by individual or team methods, or by holding life nets.
  5. Participates in overhauling operations to insure that fire is completely extinguished; performs salvage operations such as placing salvage covers, sweeping water and removing debris, gathering and returning ladders, hose, and other fire-fighting equipment to trucks; assists in all work in returning apparatus to service.
  6. Administers first aid; operates aspirator, inhaler and resuscitator.
  7. Takes part in training sessions on fire-fighting evolutions and techniques and fire prevention.
  8. Assists in maintaining, testing and drying of hose.
  9. At a fire station, stands regular house watch for receiving fire or other emergency alarms and dispatching fire apparatus.  Assists in communication center as required.
  10. Participates in cleaning fire-fighting apparatus, hose and firehouse; participates in all tests of equipment to maintain it in immediate working condition.
  11. Performs routine household duties in the upkeep on the station by cleaning, cooking, making beds; caring for heating plant, caring for grounds around station; painting and minor repairs.
  12. Inspects commercial and residential establishments for fire hazards; participates in fire prevention programs and activities.



  1. Proof of successful completion of the State of Michigan Firefighter I & II.
  2. Ability to perform a wide variety of Fire-fighting and Emergency Medical Technician duties within a reasonable period of time.
  3. Ability to understand and to follow oral and written directions.
  4. Ability to get along with others.
  5. Aptitude for mechanical work.
  6. Good physical condition, strength and agility.
  7. Ability to meet the physical, mental and visual standards of the job.
  8. Ability and willingness to work in a manner that will not needlessly endanger the safety to one’s self, other persons, and equipment.


  • Possession of a valid State of Michigan Driver’s license.
  • Possession and maintenance of a valid Michigan Department of Public Health Emergency Medical Technician License within one (1) year of appointment.
  • Possession and maintenance of a valid State of Michigan Department of Public Health Advanced EMT License within four (4) years of appointment.




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