Firefighter-St. Louis, MO Deadline March 20, 2015 (Extended)



Probationary Fire Private
Minimum: $0.00

Starting Annual Salary: $37,889
Nature of Work
This is work as a team member at various life threatening emergency medical scenes and fire scenes, extinguishing fires and operating a variety of fire and medical equipment, apparatus, and tools.

Minimum Qualifications
Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age by June 30, 2015. Pursuant to Ordinance No. 67310, applicants must not have reached their 33rd birthday by the last date for filing application. Also pursuant to Ordinance No. 67310, qualified applicants who have served in active duty with the Armed Forces of the United States may deduct from their age the length of time spent on such active military duty provided the total deduction for military duty does not exceed six years.

Education: Graduation from high school or possession of a General Education Diploma (G.E.D.) by June 30, 2015.

Driver’s License: A valid driver’s license is required at the time of filing application. Please note the kind of license, number, class, and expiration date on the Employment Application.

Character Investigation: Applicants will be notified to present a “Police Record Check”. Applicants who have unsatisfactory records of convictions (including traffic violations) will be eliminated from consideration.

Military Service: Applicants who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces must have received an Honorable Discharge or a General Discharge under honorable conditions. Applicants will be notified to present their DD214.

EMT License: As a condition of employment, Probationary Fire Privates are required to obtain a Missouri State EMT-B license before completion of the probationary period and to maintain the license thereafter.

Proof of age, education, driver’s license, and/or Form DD214 must be provided upon request by the Department of Personnel.

The Examination Components and Their Weights are to be determined. Further information will be provided to applicants at a later date. The examination will likely include but not be limited to a Physical Ability Test which measures the strength and endurance necessary to perform the job. A Character Investigation and Medical Examination will also be included as part of the examination process. The pre-employment medical exam will include a drug/alcohol screen.

All applicants must complete the Employment History and Educational/Training History sections of the Employment Application. Resumes will not be accepted as a substitute to a fully completed application. Applicants must provide explanation for all changes in employment and any gaps in their employment history. Incomplete and/or carelessly completed applications will not be accepted.

Last Date For Filing Application Is March 13, 2015

Applications can be submitted online. A Printable Application Form that can be mailed in is also available.

Examination Components and Their Weights
No waiver of the Residency Requirement will be granted.

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