Buffalo New York 2 Alarm Fire @ 5 Walden Ave With Collapse 10/24/2014

Video above published on Oct 25, 2014 by Don Murtha III

“B-43 on scene with a working fire in an old Funeral Home.
Engine 21 reports heavy fire 1st floor ext to attic. Adjoined 2.5
story buildings well involved Fire through roof and spreading.
Crews set up for Defensive Ops. Wall collapse on #2 side.
B-56 requests extra 2 & 1, then wants Balance of 2nd Alarm.
City Excavator sent to help dismantle building for overhaul.
4 -2½” & 3 – Blitz fire nozzles,
3 Towers airborne & flowing, Monitor from E21
ON Scene:
Engines: 21, 3, 33, 31, 22, 2
Ladders: 6, 14, 2, 5, 4 (Multiple companies were FAST), Rescue 1
Chiefs: B-43, B-44, B-42, B-56 & B-55
Support Staff: F-20, 9, 11, 39, 72, 76
Damages: $ 250K
10-25-2014 – Time Out: 17:07 hrs

Video above published on Oct 26, 2014 by Lloyd Mitchell

“Buffalo Firefighters 4th platoon members respond to an alarm of fire originally thought to be on 1189 Genesee Street. The address is quickly updated to 5 Walden Avenue on the corner of Genesee Street. 5 Walden was an old funeral home and mosque at one point. B.43 arrives on location with a working fire. The fire was on the first second floor and through the roof. B 56 assumes command and request an extra two engines and 1 truck. B 56 then quickly ask dispatch to round out the balance of the second alarm. Truck 14,6 and 2 were flowing water, three blitz fires were also used to bring the fire under control.

Incident alerts from Current Incident Notification Services:

  • Buffalo, NY (Erie County)| 2 Alarm Fire| Genesee St & Walden Ave| FD o/s with heavy fire in a 2.5 story attached to similar, req 2nd alarm, going defensive
  • Buffalo, NY (Erie County)| 2 Alarm Fire| 5 Walden Ave| U/D: updated address, CMD reports roof on original bldg has collapsed, mult master streams operations

This from Kevin Brautlacht:

“Here are some pics from the 2nd Alarm at #1 thru #5 Walden Ave. The fire started in #5 and spread to the others. Former funeral home and former mosque. 3 Towers, 3 Blitz fires, 4 - 2 1/2” used, $250,000 damage’ View more photos at www.wowmephotos.com

Image gallery below courtesy of Kevin Brautlacht, Don Murtha III and Lloyd Mitchell


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