Chicago Fire Actor Helps Milwaukee Firefighters Warm Up Winter


“You might know David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann, a seasoned firefighter and salt-of-the-earth family man in NBC’s hit drama ‘Chicago Fire.’ In a recent visit to southeast Wisconsin, Eigenberg spent the day with our Milwaukee firefighters. 

Eigenberg is the new face of the fire department’s ‘Warm Up Winter’ initiative. It will provide coats for about 2,500 Milwaukee school children this winter.

Captain John Litchford with the Milwaukee Fire Department says, “I think it’s just an extension of the Milwaukee Fire Department mission. We see children everyday while we go out on runs, we see children out there without coats, and that they’re cold.”

The program is in its 3rd year. Firefighters work year-round raising money to buy the coats.

“One thing that separates our program from a lot of other programs out there is that we do provide brand new winter coats for the children of Milwaukee,” Captain Litchford explains.

Eigenberg offered great respect for the men and women who suit up everyday, saying, “If you wanna find some big hearts in any city, especially Milwaukee, you go to the fire department.”

Eigenberg is using his star power to promote the ‘Warm Up Winter’ program. He even shot a PSA with our TODAY’S TMJ4 promotions team!

“It’s hard out there for some families. Sometimes the difference between paying the bills, and buying their kid a coat is something they have to decide,” Eigenberg explains…”

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