Chicago Fire Department Hiring-Firefighter Resources

Chicago Fire Department Hiring-Firefighter Resources

Chicago Fire Department released a statement today that they will be recruiting for the position of Firefighter-EMT. Their Facebook page states applications will be available July 16, 2014. Here is a link to the Chicago Fire Department hiring Facebook Page.  It appears the initial testing process could be Firefighter-EMT Examination: December 13 & 14, 2014 As of right now they don’t have a application available, we will inform you when it becomes available.

Good Luck to all applying. We will update as we get more information on the process!

CLICK HERE for Chicago Fire Department Application website


    • The cost to apply is $30.00
    • Application process and link to website will be open from July 16 – September 16
    • Must be 18 years old at time of written exam
    • CPAT required after successful passing of the written exam
    • Updated info 7/16/2014: This from the official CFD Firefighter recruitment page-CPAT certification is not necessary to sit for the 2014 Firefighter-EMT examination being held this December 13th and 14th Chicago Fire Department application. You must have a valid, non-expired CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test) certification at the time of pre-employment processing by the Chicago Fire Department. The CPAT certification must be current and valid by the candidate’s start date in the Fire Training Academy. Depending on an applicant’s place on the eligibility list and the operational need of the Chicago Fire Department, applicants will be called for pre-employment processing over a period of one to seven years. Some applicants may not be called at all. CPAT certification is only valid for the Chicago Fire Department for one year. Please act accordingly.
    • 7/25/2014 Article on Chicago Public Schools getting preference points for 2014 Hiring process. Chicago Firefighters Local Union 2 threats for a Law Suit but says they are willing to discuss and work together for a compromise.  CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE
    • 7/30/2014 Mayor Emanuel Defends CPS hiring preference points  for CPS graduates CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE
    • 8/19/2014 Article & Video on Chicago Firefighters haven’t tested since 2005 CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Chicago Fire Department Hiring-Firefighter Resources

Photo: CFD Photo

Chicago Fire Department Hiring-Firefighter Resources

Photo: CFD Photo

Chicago Fire Department Hiring-Firefighter Resources

Photo: CFD Photo



  1. On the CFD hiring Facebook page, the cost of the application is $30.00. Should we go by their amount?

  2. Does anyone know if there is a cutoff age?

  3. Do you have to take a class or go to school to be in the fire department

    • Please follow this forum and post your comments and questions on the Chicago Fire Department 2014 hiring process forums.

  4. how long does it take to get the email with link to pay for app ??

  5. is anyone still waiting to get an email to pay for the app?

  6. If you are 45 do you need to take the exam.

  7. Did they take it down?

  8. tom shannon retired

    how much to start???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. I started at 9000 a

  10. it is a great job. you get great training and can acualy be proud of what you are doing . im 70 yrs of age and my time on the job made me a better man thank you cfd for the help

  11. where is the link to pay the $30 application fee?

  12. do you nee a valid drivers license to apply? (did not mention it in requirements)

  13. Christian garcia

    Its the 25th can I still take it ?????

  14. so it says that we need all this documentation to submit in the application but i cant seem to find in the job description where it lists all these documents needed. im very confused as to what i need to submit it. can someone either give me the list or tell me where i can find it? thanks

  15. I
    am trying to apply but it says that is no longer available. can somebody give me step by step to go t the right process

  16. It says that the link to apply for CFD will be open until September 16th. Is there a reason why it says the job is no longer available? Please advise. Thank you.

  17. There’s an entire section for attachments, yet there’s no requirements listed that need to be attached. Am I missing something?

  18. The payment site has had processing errors for the last two hours.

  19. Are they extending the payment fee til September 30th? I got an email saying they were

  20. I hope they extend the payment

  21. Are we supposed to attach the waiver fee to our careers account for Chicago. If so how do you do it. I can’t find anywhere to attach it.

  22. Can we still take the exam if we are not a chicago resident at the time of the written exam but we are a resident by the time of employment??

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