Chicago Firefighters riding to Fenway Park to benefit leukemia research

They pedaled out of Chicago’s Wrigley Field on Memorial Day and are finishing Friday afternoon at Fenway Park to raising money for research to cure pediatric leukemia through the Henry Schueler 41 & 9 Foundation. It’s named after a 14-year-old Chicago boy who died in 2007 of leukemia and a fungal infection. Henry’s dad, an attorney, co-founded the foundation.

“One of the things Henry wanted to do that he spoke to both my wife and me about before he died was to find out why this happened to him so we could prevent it from happening to other kids,” he said.

“He was a dynamic, special kid,” foundation president Jim Boyle said.

A Chicago native and Henry’s coach, Boyle graduated from the College of the Holy Cross.

“So it’s really about keeping his spirit and honor alive, which we’ve done great and we’re doing good things with research, so I think we’re making a difference,” Boyle said.  

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