Danville officials Consider Ways To Keep Firefighters


ABC NewsChannel 15’s Heather Good Reports:

“DANVILLE — One city official says the real issue at hand is the size of the Danville Fire Department.

While no one wants to see jobs lost, Alderman Steve Foster says the city does not need the fifty plus firefighters.

But in an effort to prevent cuts, the council has looked at two other options; a flat fire safety fee that residents and businesses would pay on their garbage and sewer bill or expanding the EMS fee to all users.

Thats means if a person has a medical emergency and the fire department responds they would be charged three hundred dollars.

A majority of the Public Services Committee voted against the EMS fee but the full council can still concider the option.

The flat fee option would generate more money than the user EMS fee, again, all going to the fire department to close the budget gap.

City officials say there is a bill in the legislature that, if passed, would mean a municpality could not cut a firefighter or a station without arbitration.

Officials say this could be the City’s last opportunity to reduce the size of the fire division.

ABC NewsChannel 15’s Heather Good Reports Full Story Continued….

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