Fire photos: Fireground Images from a 2 Alarm Fire in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

fire picture_fire pictures_pewuakee_wisconsin_apartment_firePewaukee Fire Department in Wisconsin responded to a multi family apartment building fire around 1 am on September 4, 2015. They had heavy fire showing on their arrival and at least two residents had to jump from their balcony to safety. Here are some images of the aftermath of the fire and a news story from Fox 6 Milwaukee. The article also include a good video of the fire taken by a resident prior to jumping from the balcony.

fire picture_fire pictures_pewuakee_wisconsin_apartment_fire“PEWAUKEE — Trapped in a burning building, a group of Pewaukee residents is forced to jump to safety after a fire tore through several apartment units early Friday morning, September 4th. The fire victims say they are just grateful the smoke detectors sounded and are counting their blessings, thankful to be alive.

fire picture_fire pictures_pewuakee_wisconsin_apartment_fireBalconies crackled as the fire raged through the eight-unit apartment building near Willow Grove Drive and Sunnyridge Road just before 1 a.m.

“To see it so close to me, I got a little panic when he opened the door,” said Devi Reddy, fire victim.” (Read the whole article and video HERE.)

fire picture_fire pictures_pewuakee_wisconsin_apartment_fire

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