Fire Spreads To 3 Houses In Oak Park, ILL 4-Alarm (Video) 5/4/2014

Audio and video provided by Steve Redick

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Oak Park Sun Times:

“No one was injured in the blaze, which was called in to Oak Park firefighters at 4:17 a.m., Battalion Chief Ron Kobyleski said. The fire was level three-box alarm that brought in crews from 12 communities, and 30 firefighters in all.

Neighbors said the home at 814 Clinton had recently been renovated, and was occupied for the first time in two decades.

The fire damaged homes on both sides, especially the home to the south. Neither of the homes can be lived in temporarily, Kobyleski said.

With only a rough shell of beams remaining after the fire, construction workers were already demolishing 814 Clinton by noon Sunday.

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Photo by Oak Park Suntimes

Photo by Oak Park Suntimes

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