Firefighters Forced By City To Start Plowing City Streets With Fire Engine

Fire Engine Plow Truck


(This article is considered satire)

With an unprecedent amount of snow projected for the next day in the midwest, Firefighters have recieved the memo they will immediately install plows on all fire engines. With the high amounts  of snow and blizzard conditions  expected city administrators asked Fire Department mechanics to install snow plows on all fire engines ASAP.  In between running medical EMS calls and putting out fires they are now plowing city streets to help DPW workers keep up. It is unknown if this agreement is within their contact. Stay safe out there brothers!


  1. Nice photoshop. Almost looks real.

  2. This was not photo shoped was taken in middletown pa rig was parked in front of plow

  3. I don’t believe any of this. Anyway, it looks like a tower ladder parked behind it, not an engine. The article clearly states engine.

  4. And the “article” doesn’t cite any specifics.

  5. This is in Middletown, PA and the the picture was taken shortly after the truck went into service. I know that to be FACT, as I was the officer on the truck, and took the photo myself while we were returning from a run and doing some driver training with the poor road conditions.

  6. I recall times in the past in greater metro Chicago, when we had exceptional snowfalls. The village would hire firefighter engineers during their off duty time to drive show plows. I would assume in todays political enviornment that those monies coud be recouped from State or Federal disater funding. You are also using existing employees to operate your equipment

  7. Since that’s a tower maybe that would be a great use for all those out of service Sutphin towers out there since you can use then as a tower

  8. It says BEFORE THE ARTICLE EVEN STARTS…..” this article is considered satire” IT’S NOT REAL

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