Flint, MI to lose federal funding for 39 firefighters

Detroit Free Press:

“Officials say Flint is expected to lose federal funding for 39 firefighters in July after the city’s $7.9 million request for a grant was turned down.

The Flint Journal reports the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s denial means two fire stations could close in the cash-strapped city. Flint officials announced the update Monday and Mayor Dayne Walling says the city will continue to seek money from other grant sources.

Flint has projected it will have 75 firefighters each year through 2018 without the grant. Flint’s state-appointed emergency manager Darnell Earley says the city “will need to address fire funding in the overall context of the city’s budget, goals and objectives.”

Fires at vacant buildings have been a significant problem for Flint that has strained its firefighters in recent years. Full Story continued…

Here is a video of Flint Firefighters working a house fire about a year ago, at about the 2:00 minute mark the building collapses. Just like Detroit Fire Department Flint has been overtaken by abandoned houses and ravaging arson fires throughout the city. Flint firefighters cover approximately 34 square miles and serve about 102,000 people every day. According to their website Flint firefighters currently work from 6 fire stations, with this funding gap it could lead to the closing of 2 fire stations.


“FLINT, MI — FEMA’s denial of a third round of federal fire department funding is a “major disappointment” says Mayor Dayne Walling, who vowed the city would continue to seek other grant sources.

The city announced Monday, April 7, that the Federal Emergency Management Agency denied the city’s $7.9 million SAFER grant request.

“It’s a major disappointment to lose the SAFER grant,” Walling said. “But the planning (has) to be with the fire department on a reduced force.”

The grant would have provided funding for 39 firefighters. The city has said previously that the loss of the grant could lead to the layoff of 19 firefighters as it is forced to supplement the lost funding with $4.1 million over the next two years with money from a five-year public safety millage approved by voters. Full Story Continued…


Check out this great video about the urban decay and vandalism that has ruined Flint Michigan.

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