Gary firefighters help resuscitate man during extreme race

Gary Sun Times:

“A group of Gary firefighters competing in a Tough Mudder event Saturday rushed to the aid of a man suffering a cardiac issue.

The 11-mile extreme obstacle course tested the strength and endurance of the six men — Oscar Flores, Michael O’Malley, Eric Acevedo, Shawn Hendron, Juan Gonzalez and Jaime Ramos — but it didn’t affect their commitment to helping others when the man suffered the attack during the Richmond, Ill., event.

Ramos said the group was in the middle of the course, which included greased monkey bars, underwater tunnels, tall walls to scale and a swim through frigid water, when they noticed a person running out of a wooded area and calling for medical assistance for a participant.

Without hesitating, the firefighters ran to the unresponsive man, Ramos said.

Gary Sun Times Photo

Gary Sun Times Photo


“We didn’t do it for the glory,” he said.

Ramos said the group happened “to be in the right place at the right time,” and “the whole day was mind-blowing” because some of the firefighters, including himself and Flores, almost didn’t attend the Tough Mudder.

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