Gary, Ind. Firefighters Stuck In Bad Digs


An article published by CBS describes the horrible sleeping conditions that Gary Indiana Firefighters have to spend their entire shift working at. Just like other fire departments across the country firefighters work 24 hour shifts at the firehouse. When you spend twenty four to seventy hours at a firehouse most firefighters would expect decent living conditions. Since the closure of Gary fire station 5 because of mold Gary firefighters have been reassigned to a homeless shelter.

Gary, Ind. Firefighters Stuck In Bad Digs
November 13, 2014 10:22 PM

“(CBS)—Imagine trying to sleep while living above a party-room — and you’re a firefighter.
It’s a problem that’s long plagued some of Gary, Ind.’s finest, who earlier this month were called to fight multiple fires in one night. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports there may be a remedy.
Fire Station No. 5 was shuttered in 2012. Firefighters bounced from one location to — now — the Calumet Township Multipurpose Center. It’s part homeless shelter. Its engine sits next to a float.
It’s connected to a party room that’s for rent.
“A lot of our guys can’t get any sleep,” Gary Fire Department Lt. Kevin Thomas says. “Something needs to be done right away.”
Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, who calls the situation “substandard,” has just secured a HUD loan for a new home.
“We’re looking to do as much as we can, as quicklyas we can,” she says. At one potential building site construction might begin as early as early next year. Full story continued..

Kitchen and bathroom combo

Kitchen and bathroom combo

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  1. They have money to pay the mayor… HIGHEST paid mayor in the State of Indiana??? How is that possible???

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