Helmet Cam Video Gary Indiana Residential House Fire 5/12/2014

Helmet Cam Video Gary Indiana Residential House Fire 5/12/2014

This from heatseaker13at1:

“Truck 1 responds to a reported house on fire on May 12, 2014, at 600 Kentucky (actually 7th and Kentucky)…And Truck 1 is first on scene, reports smoke issuing from 2nd floor. The front jump line was pulled and flaked out, a scissor gate was padlocked on the front door and was forced, as well as the main door behind scissor gate. Line charged and entry was made, briefly, and high heat and heavy smoke was encountered and a quick change of plans was made not to go to the 2nd floor to begin search / extinguishment, but rather to start on the main floor. At that time, fire began rolling over our heads at the ceiling, and a hit was made, then re entry to find the seat. Indicating to our left we went that way, venting as we advanced as well as keeping line hits in front of us. Seat found, and hit, floor was spongy and partially bowed, by this time , engine companies and squad were on scene and had entered the back door. A crew was in the basement through the rear stairs and had fire there. After that, search, vent (PPV) , overhaul. A good day and my first hit in a while and it felt good…Truck 1 doin’ it QUINT style too….Force, enter, extinguish, search, vent…Great job by all Crews right at shift change so a few extra hands were there: Medic 404 suiting up and coming in!

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