House Fire Total Loss In Milan

Our Quad Cities:

“Firefighters spent the night battling a burning a home in Milan. It took six hours to completely knock out the flames because of the old structure of the house.

Three members of the Morgan family managed to get out of their house safely before their house became engulfed in flames.

“Everything else is totally gone. Totally. Lost everything. I don’t know it really hasn’t sunk in or something you know, I don’t know… too early to tell,” said Randy Morgan, Homeowner.

The Morgan family never imagined this would ever happen to their family.

“It was just surreal. Something you watch on TV like somebody else’s house and you wonder oh my gosh what are those people going to do. You just never think its going to happen to you,” said Theresa Morgan, homeowner.

Reflecting back on what happened last night. Things could have been a lot worse.

“The garage is right below the two windows right there where we sleep. I thank god that I smelt it. You know because I was able to wake up and smell it because if not…. I just shutter to think,” said Theresa.

It’s hard for them to think that everything they owned was gone in minutes.


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