LODD: Detroit Michigan Sargent Died In His Sleep

LODD_firefighter_death_Detroit_Michigan_fire department_Vincent SmithSad news out of Detroit, MI, Sgt. Vince Smith died in his sleep and was found this morning around 0730. There has not been any word on possible cause of death but we will keep you up dated on any new information. Sgt. Smith was working at Engine 48 house and did not run any calls over night. Our prayers go to Sgt. Smith’s family and all the brother’s and sisters of the Detroit Fire Department.  An article from The Secret List below:

“A Detroit firefighter was found dead at his firehouse early this morning.
It’s not yet clear what caused the death of Sgt. Vince Smith, but LODD_firefighter_death_Detroit_Michigan_firefirefighters said they found him dead in his sleep shortly before 0730 hours at Engine 48’s firehouse in southwest Detroit where he was on duty. The company had no runs last evening.
Our condolences to all those affected.
Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.
The Secret List 11/19/2015-1100 Hours” (To see the entire Article click HERE)



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