LODD: Former Milwaukee Fire Department Lieutenant Dies after Fight with Colon Cancer


Sad news out of Milwaukee Wisconsin, a former Lieutenant passed away after a long fight with cancer. Lieutenant Kristin Ciganek-Schroeder was diagnosed in 2012 with colon cancer, and fought it bravely for 5 years. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, and to her brothers and sisters of the Milwaukee Fire Department. Rest easy Lieutenant, we have it from here. JSonline

“Kristin Ciganek-Schroeder would probably prefer you didn’t read this.


The longtime Milwaukee firefighter, mother of three and matriarch to her seven siblings never liked being the center of attention.

She would want to hear about you: Your kids. Your job. Your pets.

Her cancer diagnosis? No, she really did not want to talk about it. 

When she jumped down from a rig in 2012 and felt a sharp pain in herstomach, she thought it was a hernia.

Instead, it was stage-four colon cancer.

The doctors gave her two months. She made it five years.

Throughout it all, her family says, she remained the same person:

The sister who stepped in when her parents divorced, becoming a “Mama Bear,” and the person who you always went to for advice.


The wife of Bryon Schroeder, whom she married in a small ceremony after nearly 20 years of dating.

The mother who loved taking care of and cheering on their three children, driving the youngest to soccer in Racine a couple of weeks ago even when she had a fever.

The animal-lover who took in strays, like the kitten she rescued one night while working for a private ambulance company. She wrapped the kitten in a pillowcase to guard against fleas and named it Daytona.

And the firefighter who rose to the rank of lieutenant and led by example, influencing her sister, Sandy Williamson, to join her on the Milwaukee Fire Department.

“I really did just want to be like her,” Williamson said. “I wanted to make her proud.”

Her colleagues use the same word to describe her: exceptional.

“It’s a tough road to be a woman in the fire service,” Deputy Chief Aaron Lipski said.”… Continue Reading HERE


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