Lone firefighter battles Washington Park home blaze due to layoffs

I have seen a lot of crazy things in at fires but having one firefighter respond to a house fire is absolutely crazy and irresponsible by Washington Park, ILL officials. The report states that back in July 7 firefighters were laid due to budget problems. This layoff left only one Firefighter on staff. You can see in the video by David Mueth, KSDK the lone Firefighter had to operate hand lines, establish water supply, and work by himself for approximately 20 minutes until neighboring communities arrived.  There was also assistance from a Police officer that was able to evacuate houses near by.

“WASHINGTON PARK, Ill. – A single firefighter battled a massive fire in Washington Park early Thursday morning.

The fire occurred in a vacant home in the 5700 block of Westmoreland around 1:30 a.m.

A lone firefighter managed the truck, hose and other operations to contain the fire for 20 minutes until other area departments arrived to assist.

Last summer, seven firefighters were laid off in Washington Park, leaving only the interim fire chief. The layoffs were a part of budget issues in the village.

Police evacuated the nearby home, and no other injuries have been reported.

David Mueth, KSDK

David Mueth, KSDK

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David Mueth, KSDK


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