Milwaukee police officers rescue residents from burning apartment building

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Source: WISN News 12:

“Three Milwaukee police officers helped save victims of an apartment fire Tuesday.

“The TV and stuff, the cable, stuff just shut off,” he said. “I opened the door, nothing but black smoke rushed in.”

While other residents of the building reached for their cellphones, Brown ran to the District 4 Police Station right next door for help.

“With the amount of smoke that there was, you couldn’t tell where it was coming (from),” Officer Andrew Moutry said. “With a situation like that, you’ve got to kick in all the doors.”

Moutry, along with officers Salamar Leflore and Kenneth Daugherty, went through the building helping residents escape the fire.

The Milwaukee Fire Department also has a station nearby, and firefighters said they were familiar with the building and knew to enter through the back.

That knowledge allowed firefighters to help limit the fire damage to the basement areas, although flames did spread to some areas of the first and second floors.

Many residents went to the police station while firefighters battled the flames. The American Red Cross is now assisting more than a dozen people who are displaced.

One woman in the building was taken to the hospital for an unrelated medical condition. No one was injured in the fire. Inspectors believe the fire started in the basement, but the cause is not yet known.

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