UPDATED WITH VIDEO CLIP: Northwest Side Firefighter Honored for Saving Three From Englewood Fire

Article from dnainfo.com

“It was cold. We were coming back from getting fuel for our rig when we got dispatched to a fire. That was part of the reason we were able to arrive so quickly,” Rodriguez said, reliving the Jan. 18 fire in a two-story building the 6400 block of South Marshfield Avenue, just four blocks from the firehouse.

At the fire scene, Rodriguez heard the faint sounds of someone calling for help.

Photo Credit: DNAINFO.COM

Photo Credit: DNAINFO.COM

“We pulled up on the scene like I always do as a company officer tried to find a way we could lead a line [hose] in. I had guys behind me with the line and I happened to hear a muffled cough,” Rodriguez said.

“I actually thought it was another fireman coming from the back so I called out, I said, ‘Are you calling me?’ [I] didn’t hear anything but a muffled cough again. I went back there to investigate and that’s where I saw the two victims,” he said.

“As I was bringing them out, two members of Squad Five were coming up the back stairs and they helped get the victims out,” he said.

“Everybody who was on the scene that day, every company that was there, there wasn’t a guy from the chief on down that wouldn’t have done the same thing,” Rodriguez said. Full Story Continued>>>

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