Orland drug-prevention program causes stir among community leaders

Source: Chicago Tribune

Source: Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune:

“A heroin and substance-abuse prevention program presented by the Orland Fire Protection District has sparked a public spat between fire district officials and Orland Park’s mayor, police chief and local school district leaders.

Fire officials said the July 15 event at the district’s administrative building was a straight-talk session designed to get kids and parents talking about alcohol and drug abuse, particularly heroin. Battalion Chief Michael Schofield, one of the organizers, said the presentation was “not sugarcoated.”

But Orland Park’s mayor and police chief said comments during the presentation falsely portrayed police and school districts as unresponsive to a growing heroin problem that Schofield, called “a terrorist attack on our children.”

“I think it painted a very misleading picture of what the village, police and our schools are doing,” Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin said.

“Every day, parents throughout this community ask themselves, ‘Are my kids going to be safe?’ ‘Will they fall victim to drug or alcohol abuse?’ That’s horrifying enough without it being fueled with inaccurate and misleading information provided by fire district officials,” Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy said in a statement issued by the village early Friday evening.

Sunday evening, the fire district fired back with a statement of its own, this time accusing McLaughlin of spreading “inaccurate and irresponsible statements.” Full Story Continued>>>

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