Rockford, IL Firefighters Treated After House Fire

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) — “A hot and humid night leaves several Rockford firefighters with heat exhaustion after a house on Rockford’s southeast side catches fire.

This is what the two-family unit in the 1700 block of 15th Avenue looked like earlier today. The home was boarded up after catching fire around 2:30 this morning. 22 firefighters initially responded to the call where heavy fire was coming from the second floor. However, nearly 20 more firefighters helped out, giving their co-workers a break from the heat. It took crews about an hour to get the fire under control.

“People wear down quicker due to the heat, the heat just takes the strength right out of you, so you know you’re going to utilize more people when it’s this hot,” said Rockford District Chief, Tracy Renfro.

Another firefighter injured his knee after falling down stairs inside the home and was treated for non-life threatening injuries. Residents made it out of the home safely, but the cause of the fire is still under investigation.”

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