Two Chicago Firefighters Retire With 35 Years of Service

Recently two Chicago Firefighters Battalion Chief Danny Fabrizio and Deputy District Chief Steve Chikerotis have retired from the Department with 35 years of service.  Here is more on the two and Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago.  We would like to say congratulations Chiefs, and to all who are retiring this year.  Thank you for your service. Great article from DNAINFO.COM – “On Sept. 4, 1979, three young men joined the Chicago Fire Department ranks without having any idea that each of them in their own way would leave indelible marks on the job they loved.

After graduating from the fire academy, Jose Santiago, Dan Fabrizio and Steve Chikerotis were reunited on the “flying” Rescue Squad 2 — then the busiest firefighting team in the department, charged with making some of the scariest rescues their city could muster.

This month, two of them —  Fabrizio and Chikerotis — retired from active duty after 35 years.

Guys who know them best say both men lived up to an important firehouse motto: Leave the job better than you found it.

“Fabrizio, 57, took the Fire Department test at the urging of his older brother, Nick, a Fire Department paramedic who later became a firefighter, and got hired on just five months before walking the picket line during the historic 1980 firefighters strike.

“We were fighting for safety, manpower. We were running around with three guys on a fire truck. It was tough. I was a kid. I listened to the old timers. And they were mad,” he said. “The strike was important. It was about getting the manpower and equipment we need to serve people and make rescues.”

“His Squad 2 partner was Chikerotis, who rose to deputy district chief and became a writer who crafted real-life Squad 2 rescues into the compelling stories in his book, “Firefighters from the Heart.” He also brought real Chicago authenticity to the movie “Backdraft” and most recently to NBC’s “Chicago Fire,” a show born from an idea he scribbled on a cocktail napkin. Chikerotis said most people might not understand Fabrizio’s modesty.

“Most of the things that guys like Danny did you don’t get awards for because nobody knows what you see every day,” said Chikerotis, whose adventures alongside Fabrizio inspired at least one rescue scene on “Chicago Fire.”…You are going to want to Continue Reading Here.

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