United States Military To Patrol Chicago Streets? After 82 Shot And 14 Dead Weekend

A website called the NewsNerd.Com is reporting that after a violent weekend in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanual is expected to call upon the United States National Guard to act as a Liaison to assist in the patrolling of Chicago Streets. During the July 4th weekend a total of 82 people were shot and 14 in total were killed. The City of Chicago has been nicknamed “Chiraq” because of all the violence.

The NewsNerd.Com Reports:

“Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has called on the assistance of the United States military to help patrol the blood-soaked streets of Chicago. The unprecedented move is one step away from declaring total martial law in the nation’s third most populous city.

“The U.S. military will act as a liaison for the Chicago Police Department and will not be given free reign to enforce the law, at least at this moment.

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We found a more accurate article to assist Chicago Police with the violent crimes lately.


“Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says he’s all about a “team” approach to fight crime in Chicago, but that team will not include the Illinois National Guard.

Quinn over the weekend did open the door to possibly sending the Illinois State Police into Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods.

“I’m always open for any mayor, or anyone, for working in that area (sending in State troopers),” the governor said. “But it has to be done with their full cooperation.” Full Story here….


Photo from the NewsNerd.Com

Photo from the NewsNerd.Com

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