(Video)Ohio Close Close call building collapse, Blaze in Ohio village of Garrettsville destroys 13 businesses

Great video of a history building collapse in Ohio that nearly misses a few Firefighters. Video shot by Austin Dezort on March 22, 2014.
Garrettsville Ohio loses block of historic business buildings to large fire. These buildings were originally built in the 1800’s and was just renovated. In the second video you can also see the close call of the building collapse. Thanks Austin Dezort for submitting these videos!



“GARRETTSVILLE, Ohio — A firefighter was injured and 13 businesses were destroyed by a fire that swept through a historic downtown block in the northeastern Ohio village of Garrettsville.

The Garrettsville Police Department says that a firefighter was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation after battling the blaze Saturday. Officials say 34 local fire departments responded to the scene.


Above is video from Scott Taylor of the collapse of one of a number of buildings that were destroyed as a city block burned in Garrettsville, Ohio Saturday. The video immediately below is another view of the collapse. You will find more videos from the fire below that. Continued…

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