Madison, Wisconsin: Madison Fire Department will be Holding a Military Service Personnel Recruitment Open House

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Madison Fire Department will be holding a military service personnel recruitment open house on September 2, 2015. In a news story by CBS 58 they reported that Madison Fire Department, WI will be actively recruiting veterans and current military personal. Click HERE to see the video and go to their website with the full article. Not a normal job post for us, but we really want to get this out there. I just want say good work Madison for looking out for the men and women who fight for the freedom we all enjoy. Although hiring military personal is not a new thing in the fire service, it’s nice to see them actively trying to get them a job. Click HERE, or see below, to go to Madison Fire Department Facebook page and see the recruitment flyer and get all the details.

“It’s a move Madison Fire Chief Steven Davis says is the first of it’s kind in Wisconsin. Next week, the department will start actively recruiting current and former military members.

Davis said, “So many of their job skills are transferable that they’ve learned in the military and serving our country. They come to us that we’ve seen that they’re, they can handle crisis fairly well.”” -CBS58

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